Finding Nemo

Okay, since Heather mentioned Nemo toys, I have a confession to make…..
I’m on a mission.
I have been to every McDonalds around here and work trying to get all the Nemo toys…Brittany is quite happy that she’s getting to play with them, but they’re mine. Fortunately, McD’s is running a special when you buy a salad and ya get a happy meal for $.99 so I’m not killing my Weight Watchers with Quater Pounder Value Meals.
But now I’m getting annoyed.
We have three Dory, three Gill and two Marlin. This is really irritating because I got the multiples from different places. I wish I could figure out the pattern. The day we got the first Marlin, they told me they had Marlin and Pearl (the little octopus)…..when I stopped back the next day, all they had was Gill!! Where the hell did Gill come from?
Well, I’m catching the people at work up with all the duplicates, though….one of our residents is collecting them and J. wants them for her daughter. Today, I went to McD’s for lunch and got two salads, two happy meals and two extra toys so that everyone could get one…..I think I’m getting other people hooked, too…I’ve told everyone that if they go to McDonald’s they have to get me a fish.
The last time I was this nuts about collecting them all, was 1983 and they were Garfield coffee mugs….how many 6 year olds do you know that have to collect coffee mugs?


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  1. The girls and I have been going crazy over the toys too. I need one set for each of them… and so far we have 2 each of Gill, Dory, Bloat, and 6 Marlins! Lately, the only thing we get is Marlin. *sigh*

  2. Argh, we only have three Dorys. Can’t figure out the pattern either.

  3. Glad it isn’t just me! I’ve been scooping them up too. The first week they were out they had Nemo. I now have Nemo, Nemo’s Dad, the shark, the octopus, the “head fish in the tank” who’s name is slipping my mind and I think that is it. I’ve just come down to going through the drive thru just to get the toys and no food…I know, I’m terrible. I’ve noticed they seem to get a new shipment in on either Fridays or Saturdays. They’ve been consistant around here but I don’t know about other places. Good luck!

  4. Oh my gosh! I have SOOO many Garfield mugs from McDonald’s! 🙂
    Try calling around and seeing what toys they have today. When I worked at McDs (years and years ago) half the people that called in wanted to know that.

  5. We’ve been colecting for the past 3 weeks! Lucky for my wallet, Wednesday is $1.50 Happy Meal night. I have an extra Squirt I’d be happy to unload…err, send you!

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