Moving Day

Well, today was the big day.
When I got up, I called my parents to see if they wanted me to pick up coffee for everyone. My dad told me when I called that I could drop him at the place to pick up the truck and he’d give me money to get coffee and doughnuts for everyone.

I also had to bring the MAC card out to Bill at work. So I got my dad and dropped him off at the place, went to Dunkin’ Donuts and dropped breakfast back at the house then headed down to meet Bill.
As I was sitting at 38th and Spruce waiting for Bill, my dad called me to let me know that they didn’t have a truck. There had been one waiting in the parking lot and when I asked if my dad wanted me to wait, he said no. They told him that they guy that had the truck he was supposed to get had never brought it back….when they called him, they found out that it had been towed because he parked it illegally overnight.
Not off to a good start.
The phone at my parents house has been shut-off. My sister called to have it switched into her name and they can’t do it till Monday so there is no phone at the house. So my dad was stuck at the truck place at Aramingo and Wheatsheaf until I could get there from 38th and Spruce. Fortunately, traffic was pretty light so it didn’t take me as long as it could have.
We left there and went to the Ryder place by Aramingo and Venango….my dad went in and checked to make sure they had a truck and then told me to go.
When he got the truck to the house, everything actually went pretty quickly. My parents and I have been bringing things up to the new place since they got the keys about 2 weeks ago and on Friday, my mom and my cousin D. (yeah, this one) had brought alot of the boxes into the living room and stacked them all against the back wall, out of the way. So all we had to do was load them in and get the bigger stuff out.
Me, 3 of my cousins, my aunt, my sister and my mom and dad got the truck loaded in about 30 minutes…..and even though alot of their stuff was already up there, the truck was still full. and my mom gave me one more thing….the breadbox she’s had about as long as she had the table 😉 I’ll take a picture of it when I get a chance.
My sister didn’t go up with us because loverboy showed up just as we were all getting ready to leave. I got in the truck and was handing things down to everyone….once all the big stuff was out, Brittany got up in the truck with me and was helping me push boxes to the back of the truck. My cousin J. showed her that it’d be easy for her to put things on the little skateboard she was carrying around and push them back on that – my little helper 🙂
It only took about 20 minutes to unload the thing. Figure that out.
Anyway, we got things out of the way enough to have lunch then my dad left to take the truck back. I met him there and drove him back up, then I came back down and got the dining room table…I already have all the chairs. I also got some clothes that were still in the closet and me nephew’s medicine and brought them back up to the new place…..he’s spending the night up there.
Then I finally got to come home. It was a long day (yes, thank you, I know it’s the longest day of the year) and I’m goddamned tired. I don’t hurt but I’m sure I will tomorrow.
I know Brittany is going to sleep well, at least 🙂
I think my mom is quite relieved to be out of there in one way but I know she’s going to worry endlessly with this guy hanging around the house all the time now. When I got back to get the table, he was already in there, lounging on the couch like he owns the place. Then again, I doubt my sister can get any of the utilities on in her name so everything may be put in his name anyway…..prolly why the phone’s not on yet.
Well, whatever….my parents are in their new place and everyone is quite happy about it.


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