and another

…and another journal entry!!
Two in as many days!!
It’s a ‘day in the life’ entry with a gazillion pictures….I don’t recommend reading it if you have a weak stomach or anything. Today was a working day and there are pictures of things that I have to work with.
That is all.


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  1. I’m curious to know why you had an eyeball to test? What was wrong with it? Why would someone have to get an eyeball removed? I don’t know much about eyes and their diseases or anything.

  2. We actually get quite a few eyes, each day….yesterday we had 7 come in, all from different animals. Eyes have all kinds of problems….everything from parasites to blindness. They are also diagnostic of neurological disorders.
    I don’t know offhand if this eye in particular was removed for testing and the animal is still alive or if it was part of a necropsy and they suspect a brain or nerve disorder as the cause of death.

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