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Movie Time!!

I get it….Kevin spacey is Keyser Soze!!
I just rented The Usual Suspects….I haven’t seen it in ages and I’ve been on a renting kick lately. I’ve actually been trying to catch up on some of the scary movies I haven’t seen lately but they didn’t have the one I wanted tonight…and since I was thinking about The Usual Suspects…. today, I went with that 😉
I finally saw Stigmata the other night….it was interesting. I feel a little weird saying I liked it because it was a pretty bizzarro at times, but I did. I was expecting something completely different than what it turned out to be….I thought it was gonna be something like The Exorcist and I’d be completely freaked out. I have never seen that movie and never intend to….but I’ve seen enough of it from my sister wating it to know that I don’t want to. Ugh! So anyway, Stigmata was good. I don’t think Bill liked it, though….ah, well.

Good News!

When we get a necropsy case (autopsy), one of the residents cuts in the tissue that they need and it’s processed like a regular sample until it gets embedded. A few times a week, we send out a bunch of the necropsy blocks to the “large animal facility” because they have fewer biopsies than we do and can get to the necropsies much faster…we get the slides back within a week and everything can be reported that much quicker.
About a month ago, they lost two people in the other lab….one had to have some sort of operation and the other is very ill. So now there is only one person in the lab and they are unable to do their own cases and cut our necropsies.
So, it came back to us cutting them when we get a chance. I say us but I actually mean them…the rest of the techs in the lab. And with vacations and all going on now and just a lot of general slacking on the part of one tech in particular, the necropsies have been building up and building up and buiding up.
For a while, I was “practicing” making slides. Then I stopped. I had over 250 practice slide that I made in about a month or so (in addition to keeping up on all of my regular work) that Dr. G. never looked at.
Anyway, on Thursday of last week, I asked my supervisor if he had ever gotten around to looking at the practice slides. She wasn’t sure. I said “Well, if he has looked at them and they are okay, perhaps I could start cutting some of the blue blocks (the necropsies) that are building up…..?” she didn’t say anything, she just walked out of the lab and right into his office. When she came back in, she handed me a set of blocks…one necropsy case of about 8 blocks (we have one waiting that has 50 blocks!). She said that he had looked at the slides but forgotten (?) and for me to cut that case and give it to him to look at. If they were okay, then I could work on cutting some of the other cases.
I finished up everything that I had to do and sat down to cut the blocks. I realized that the case was that of one of the othe pathologists, Dr. V., so I wasn’t sure I should cut it and waited to ask J. about it. She said to go ahead and just give it to Dr. V. when I was done and explain to him that he had to let us know about the quality of the slides.
When I finished, I took the slides in to him and asked if he could let Dr. G. and J. know if the slides were okay so that I could start cutting the necropsies. He didn’t get around to looking at it until after I left.
When I got in this morning, I just went about my usual morning routine….I actually forgot that I was waiting to hear about that. Until A. came in. She said “I hear congratulations are in order!” Huh? I had no clue what she was talking about and I suppose it showed. Then she told me that Dr. V. had come through on Thursday and told everyone that the slides were excellent and wanted to know why they had waited so long to start me on them – lol 🙂
So, when J. came in, she told me all about it…I acted surprised 😉 But really this is a very big deal. Once they are satisfied with my consistency on the necropsy slides I will be able to start cutting biopsies, as well! There are alot of changes going on in the lab right now… computer systems and a whole bunch of other nifty upgrades. I’m still keeping my eye open for other opportunities, but any step forward here will only help me more out there.

Mexi-burger Rice

I experimented a bit with dinner last night. Last week, I made Heather‘s Freakin’ Awesome Cheeseburger Rice (with BBQ sauce rather than Ketchup). It was excellent but but we still needed a little more kick to it. So, I made a run for the border with it:
1 pound of ground beef
1 package of Old El Paso Taco Seasoning (for beef)
1 package of Uncle Ben’s Spanish Rice
1/2 cup of nacho cheese and salsa dip
1 package of Mexican or Fiesta mix shredded cheese
Sour Cream
Brown ground beef and drain. Add 2 cups of water and Taco Seasoning and mix. Bring to a boil and add rice. Bring it back to a boil, remove from heat and let stand covered for 5 minutes or until rice is of desired consistancy. Add 1/2 cup of the nacho/salsa dip and stir well. Add shredded cheese to taste. Serve with shredded cheeses sprinkled on top and a dollop of sour cream. This would be very good as a taco filling.
I also put some bell peppers in with mine to give it a little texture and color (I used red, yellow and green, about 1/3 of each). It was outstanding, but I realize that peppers are really a matter of taste. They were the very last thing I put in before dishing out the meal so they were very fresh and crispy.
Bill and Brittany both went nuts over this dish….it’s the first time in a loooong time that Bill has had seconds, thirds and fourths so I think this is gonna be a regular around here – thanks for the inspiration, Heather 😉


Well, after sleeping for only a few hours yesterday morning, I thought I’d wind up crashing around 7 or so last night, but I did pretty well!
Brittany and I went out for a while and did some shopping….I don’t get to go out very often and just wander around in the stores, most of the time we have to go in and get something and get out again and I fuckin’ hate that! So we roamed around in Wal-Mart for a good long while……then we went to the mall for a little while and on the way back, we stopped at Mr. Z’s to get things for dinner.
While I making dinner, Brittany was playing with some “fun dough” she just had to get from Wal-Mart and after we all ate, she and I painted and colored until about 8:30. Then I got her ready for bed and read her a story.
After she was asleep, I went back out to the living room intending to read for a bit but I couldn’t find my book….watching TV was probably not the best alternative because 10 minutes later I was asleep. I woke up when a loud commercial came on and said goodnight….it was almost 10 by then. Once I was in bed, though, I wound up laying there for a bit watching the lightening and counting the “mississippi’s” until the thunder….not for long though. The next thing I knew, it was three o’clock and I had to pee, really bad. I got back to sleep immediately and slept until 8:15….not bad 😉
So, I’m pretty much back to normal……at least I don’t work on Mondays, I have one more day to recover, just to be sure 😉

And we’re back!

I’m awake again! I actually feel pretty good…Brittany left me alone and I got about 2.5 hours which is great – I didn’t want to sleep all through the day, just wanted a few hours like I did last year so we can go out in a little while. And what breakfast of champions am I eating you ask? Why nachos and Diet Cherry Coke, of course 😉
I’m gonna sit around for another hour or so then head out for a bit.

Hour Twenty-four

(-: The End 🙂

Well, it’s all over and my bed is beconning. I want to get a little sleep…even if it’s just long enough for Brittany to watch Toy Story, I’ll be happy.
Thank you all so much for sticking with me and huge hugs to Heather for gabbin’ with me all through the night….it was a huge help – lol 🙂
And remember, you can sponsor me for another 48 hours – it’d be really cool if you did….especially now that you know I made it and all 😉
Everyone have a great day….talk to you all later!


On mornings like this, it can really be a blessing that they make movies that can capture a child’s attention like this…..

A Full 24 Hours

As of right now, I have officially been up for 24 hours…..I suppose I can go another half hour :-

1 Thing

1 thing you want to do when this is all over….boot Brittany out of the room so I can sleep for an hour or two 😉
Just one more hour!!!

Hour Twenty-three

(-: Hour Twenty-three 🙂

I’m actually feeling quite dumb right about now….I can’t type which is complicated even more by the fact that I can’t find the keys I need to make the words….even when I can manage to put a sentence together, I have to read it another three times to make sure it makes sense.
And I am quite irritable…..every time that Spud comes into the show, I want to put my foot through the TV.
Wait….that’s a normal reaction. Disregard.