Blog-A-Thon 2003

Okay, folks….it’s that time again:
Blog-A-Thon 2003 – whoo-hoo!!
Beginning at 9:a.m EST on July 26th, I will be blogging for 24 hours, at least one post every half hour. If you were around last year, you probably remember that things got pretty ugly in the wee hours….anyone remember me wearing a haz-mat mask at 3 in the morning?
Should be fun 🙂
Once again, I will be blogging to benefit the North Shore Animal League. Last year, I helped raise over $350 for NSAL so this year I’m hoping to get $500. Hey, it could happen….especially with amazingly generous sponsors already lining up – you guys kick ass!!
So, if you think you might like to sponsor me, you can check out my blogathon page for more information. And if not, stop by anyway and help keep me awake….maybe I’ll dress up like Sailor Moon and wear a pink wig or something. Ya never know 😉


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