little green worms

I posted this in a forum, but I thought I’d post it here to see if any of you could help me out a bit….I have a bit of a problem in my containers.

I love these things, they are my pride and joy this year…just plain old containers with three salvia plants and a couple of morning glories in each. Up until sometime earlier this week, they had both been really lush and green and full. Now, the salvia in one of them is being chewed to bits!
I checked it out when I first noticed and couldn’t find the culprit. Then last night, I saw a little green thing laying at the base of the container. I picked it up and found it to be some kind of worm or caterpillar…’s a green thing about an inch long with six legs at the front and six at the back. Why didn’t I think to take a picture?
I realized that this one little thing couldn’t be responsible for all the damage that had been done…..I got the hose and gave the container a good shot of water on full strength shower. When I looked again, I found not one or two of the damn things but [i]seven[/i]!! I got them all out and put them in a bin with some fresh rosebush trimmings and hit the plants with the hose again and got two more out of it.
After that I didn’t see any more, but there must be…..I guess now I just have to wait and see.
Does anyone know what these things are? I don’t want to resort to chemicals to get rid of them, so i would appreciate any advice on how to keep them from eating all my damn plants!!
Thanks 😉


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  1. Pretty! I hope you found someone who could help you. From what I can remember of gardening (I’ve been in a townhouse for awhile now!) it’s hard to get rid of caterpillars without using pesticides – you may just have to be diligent about plucking them off. I have heard of planting marigolds near salvia to keep pests away, but I don’t know if that will work for caterpillars. Good luck!

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