I feel a little bad tonight.
The little girl that Brittany usually plays with, K., was taken away….she lives two doors down from us with her grandparents. K.’s cracked-out mother called the cops and DHS and told them a whole bunch of crap about her grandparents that just isn’t true…one of the big things she told them was that K. was being neglected. She knew she wasn’t going to get K. because of the drugs so all I keep thinking is that her mindset now must be “Well, if I can’t have her, neither can you!”
Without doing any kind of investigation, DHS came in and took K to St. Vincent’s….when I was little, we called it and orphanage and I’m just not sure what the PC term is. But even if I had a PC term, I still get visions of Oliver when I think of it. K. is up there and they can’t bring her anything at all….no clothes, not even the Pooh blanket that she sleeps with.
She’s been there about about a month now, I just found out about it about 2 weeks ago…..I’m not the type to go ‘hey, have you seen so-n-so?’ and I figured that they had gone away on vacation. But one day, nosy Brittany asked one of our other neighbors where K. was….she had asked me and I just said ‘she’s away’…..anyway, he told me then that she was at St. Vincent’s and I almost started crying.
Tonight is the first time I’ve seen her grandmother since….seen the grandfather around, but I thought that she might be taking it pretty hard. Brittany and I were out on the porch and she came over and made a big fuss over Brittany and brought some of K.’s pool toys over….then Brittany asked her where K. was. she looked a little surprised at the question and I just told Brittany, as I had been for the past two weeks, that K. was at school. Her grandmother looked a little surprised that I said that…I assume she thought I didn’t know, because I usually like to be oblivious about what goes on inside the neighbors houses. She asked who had told me and I said that J. the guy next door told me where K. was but D. (the grandfather) told me what had happened. I still don’t know all the details and I really don’t want to try to be all up in their business….
But she told me a little bit more about it and about how K. is doing up there…..she’s not her usual self, as you can imagine. And then she looked at Brittany splashing around in her pool and asked me what size she takes…I said a 4. She told me she had a brand new bathing suit the K. had never worn and wanted to know if I wanted it for Brittany…I protested that K. would be back and need it, but she insisted that I take it saying K. won’t be back until after the summer anyway, if she comes back at all.
I offered to pay her for it and she yelled at me – lol….then, she went into the house to get it. Byt the time she came back out, I had Brittany in the house drying off and I was winding up the hose. Imagine my surprise when she emerged with two bags full of clothes and treats that K. liked. I said “Oh, no! I can’t take all that! You might need it…” She shut me up again and pushed me back in the house with two arms full of mostly new clothes.
I feel terrible 😦
I mean, I’m never one to argue with freebies but this is so sad! I feel bad because Brittany lost a friend, and because K. is in that place and it makes me want to cry when I think how terrible her grandparents must feel about the whole thing and how hard it must have been for her to gather these things together to give away because she doesn’t think K. will be back.


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  1. OH that’s so sad!!! My guess is it just breaks her heart that all those things are there and no one is using them. :*( (p.s. you need to get a “work-friendly” skin to your site. LOL! I usually read you via newzcrawler when I’m at work, but had to comment on this post, and forgot the picture on your site/design. DOH! Let’s hope no one looks at server logs here! LOL!)

  2. that is so wrong that they took her without invistigating! I can’t believe that. I really hope that if nothing is going on they allow her to come back.

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