Bat Cat

This is Sabrina…she’s 4.
We got her when she was a tiny, tiny kitten. My mom had gotten her from one of my cousins to replace her cat that had mysteriously disappeared. My cousin had told her that the kittens were 8 weeks old so we just assumed she was the runt.
One day, I was out with my mom and dad and on the way home, we rode past one of their neighbors yards and I saw their cat running across the yard. My dad stopped the car and my mom got out to get the cat. When we got back to the house, my sister was there (one of the few times in the past 10 years she had her own place) and when she found out, she decided that she would take the new kitten. Since my sister doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to pets, I said hell no and brought her home with me. My sister was a little pissed :-p
She used to love laying on my lap on her back…..she used to put her head all the way back and bring her front paws up under her chin. Laying like this, she looked like a little bat, and she was that tiny! So that’s how she got the name, Bat Cat.
When took her to have her fixed and declawed, we found out that she was definitely not 8 weeks old when my cousin gave her away….probably more like 4. That explains why she used to suckle on my shirts and why she never got very big :-
She doesn’t like me very much anymore….she was quite upset when we brought Brittany home so now she hisses at clicks at me most of the time when I go near her. She’s finally starting to get a little more tolerant of me, but I don’t think she’ll ever lay upside down on my lap again :-


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