This is Dominic….my big sweetheart pussercat. My huge sweetheat pussercat. The first cat Bill and I got together – awwww 🙂 We were in PetSmart one night looking for something for our fish tank and just for the hell of it, I said we should go see the pets they had in the Adopt-A-Pet section the the SPCA has set up over there. And there he was, big as life….and I mean that. They had some other cats there but we just kept going back to Dominic. The adoption center was closed at the time so we got up bright and early the next day to be there when they opened so we could get the big guy.
When we brought him home, he lived under our dresser for about 2 weeks….apparently emerging when we were sleeping or out to use the litter box and eat. And he had himself so far back under the dresser (which was in the corner) that we could only see if if we got a flashlight out. We decided to leave him alone most of the time, but every other day we had to get the light on him to make sure he was still there……and then one day, he wasn’t. I looked all over the house for him in every place a cat his size could possibly fit….then I started looking in all the places he couldn’t fit. I finally found him in the kitchen. Under the fridge!! Only way I knew he was there was because his tail was sticking out from behind it. Dumbass…..
He was kida standoffish, even when he finally did begin to stay out….always a sweetie, but seemed to prefer being by himself. After we got Lucky, he became a little more social…I guess it was a bit of “What if they like him better’n me?”
About six months after we got him, he became very sick, though. He stopped eating and using the box and started losing weight. For about a week, I was telling Bill that he was looking thin and we started watching him closely….because with Lucky around, we couldn’t be sure about who was eating what unless we started watching them closely. We called our vet about it and they said that he may have a hairball that he can’t bring up and gave us some hairball crap to put on his paws. Nothing. I weighed him and he was 9 pounds. He was 16 when we got him.
We took him to our vet emergency service and they told us that he was jaundiced and they would keep him and give him fluids and stuff. They said he’d be fine and sent us home. That was on a Thursday. We checked on him on Friday and they said he was doing well. On Saturday, they called and told us he wouldn’t make it through the weekend! We went down there and picked him up immediately and told them what they could do with their $700 bill….then we took him right to my work. I wish I had worked there, then we would have saved a whole lotta money on the thing :-
Anyway, they said that yes, he was jaundiced, but the other place never bothered to find out why he was jaundiced. He had hepatic lipidosis…they told me it was very serious, but he should be okay. The did ultrasounds on him, gave him some transfusons and put an NG tube in to feed him with….he was there for about 2 weeks. When we were finally able to bring him home, I still had to feed him through the tube….but Lucky was so happy to see him back that he kept trying to play with him – I had to take him back down there three times to get the tube back in….they finally put a couple of sutures on his snout to keep it in place.
After this whole thing, and me having to sit with him to give him his food and water through the tube and then spoon feeding him regualar cat food for 2 weeks until he could deal with it on his own….he was much more personable and playful and talkative 🙂
That was almost 6 years ago……he’s 9 years old now and weighing in at about 21-22 pounds which every vet says is actually about where he should be considering his stature and age.
Like I said… huge sweetheart pussercat 😉


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