This is Lucky. Lucky is another cat we rescued. About 3 months after we got Dominic, one of Bill’s grandfather’s dogs died. Rather than get another new dog to keep the other one company, he decided to get a cat. We had been at a pet store the day that he told us that and had seen the most adorable light brown tabby kiten in with a litter or grey tabby’s and we told him about it. Mind you, these were not bred cats. I suppose someone that worked there brought them in to sell or something….$25. Anyway, he went up and got the kitten we told him about.
A few days later, he said that he was going to take him back to the store. The dog was just too rough for the little guy….not nasty, but she wanted to play all the time and just wouldn’t leave him alone. We said no way and took him over to our house. At first Dominic tried to ignore him….but Lucky had found a pal and love to climb on him. After a while, I think Dominic just resigned himself to being a play thing for Lucky. As I said before, Lucky also made him a little more personable.
We’ve never had any porblems with lucky, though he does have his little quirks. He doesn’t want to sit on your lap. Ever. Unless you happen to be sitting on the toilet. Then he sits on your lap and refuses to get up…..maybe his owners in a former life were nudists or something. He also likes a clean box very much. We can wait specifically for him to have a crap in the litter box and clean it immediately. As soon as we finish, put the scoop down or finish pouring the sand, he gets back in the box and squeezes out one last little turd just so he can be the first one to use the box. He also likes to lick the strings on the blinds…..I still haven’t figured that one out.
Well, he can be as weird as he wants I suppose…..that way, he fits in 😉


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