Hour Eighteen

(-: Hour Eighteen 🙂

Apparently, ProActiv doesn’t do anything for menstrual breakouts :-p
Still watching CourtTV to kill some time…..I guess at 3, I’ll put Ghost Ship on to get me through the hard part. Last year it was about 4 that I needed to sleep….I took a few power naps but Bill was awake to get me up intime to post. Since he’s sleeping, I’m on my own. But that’s okay….when I crash at nine, at least he’ll be up to be with Brittany…..
And the humidity finally went down. It had gotten really sticky in here so I took the fan out of the window and closed both of them, leaving the door open so the AC could come in….I just opened one of the windows to see if it was any better and now it’s nice and cool. Just put the fan back in but I don’t hink it’ll be running for long….already cooler in here than it is in the other room with the AC running 😉


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