Well, after sleeping for only a few hours yesterday morning, I thought I’d wind up crashing around 7 or so last night, but I did pretty well!
Brittany and I went out for a while and did some shopping….I don’t get to go out very often and just wander around in the stores, most of the time we have to go in and get something and get out again and I fuckin’ hate that! So we roamed around in Wal-Mart for a good long while……then we went to the mall for a little while and on the way back, we stopped at Mr. Z’s to get things for dinner.
While I making dinner, Brittany was playing with some “fun dough” she just had to get from Wal-Mart and after we all ate, she and I painted and colored until about 8:30. Then I got her ready for bed and read her a story.
After she was asleep, I went back out to the living room intending to read for a bit but I couldn’t find my book….watching TV was probably not the best alternative because 10 minutes later I was asleep. I woke up when a loud commercial came on and said goodnight….it was almost 10 by then. Once I was in bed, though, I wound up laying there for a bit watching the lightening and counting the “mississippi’s” until the thunder….not for long though. The next thing I knew, it was three o’clock and I had to pee, really bad. I got back to sleep immediately and slept until 8:15….not bad 😉
So, I’m pretty much back to normal……at least I don’t work on Mondays, I have one more day to recover, just to be sure 😉


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