Well, if you read the journal entry about everything that happened last week and were wondering how things turned out…..or even if you weren’t…..
Weavie Wonder was written up for causing the whole blunder. She actually didn’t call JB. When JB came in on Monday, she said good morning to WW as she walked through the embedding room and got a grumbled response from her….then – JB is always so cheery in the morning – she asked “How are you?” That is just so not a question to ask her….I learned that when every time I ask I got a sob story. She said “Not so good….” JB, sweetest supervisor in the world, asks “Why, what’s the matter?” She complained for a few minutes about how she’s in so much pain and having so much trouble with her smoking cessations and other crap and then she goes “Oh, and I guess I should tell you before you hear it from someone else….”
JB got some story about how no one wanted to help her do anything and every mistake that was made last week was blamed on her. As far as I can recall, there was only one mistake made and it was a pretty fuckin’ big one and it was her fault!
Then JB went in to see MG like she does every morning to see if he needed anything in particular and he told her what really happened – just the facts, no sob story. I suppose they had a meeting later in the day to figure it all out.
When I got in on Tuesday, I came in like nothing had happened….said good morning to AM and WW like I always do, no difference in tone or anything….and then I went back and started embedding. When JB came in, I said hi and asked how her vacation was and if her daughter had a good time and what they did and where they went. It was just a regular day.
When I was about half-way through embedding, JB was passing through and asked me if I had seen the list of blocks that WW had left there for samples from the disaster that needed to be embedded or some crap. I said yeah and just rolled my eyes. I told her what a nightmare it had been trying to embed everything when she short-cycled the samples and she told me that she had shortened them way too much. Most of the stations usually run for 1 hour, a few run for 1 hour and 15 minutes….the ones that run for 1 hour and 15 minutes, can be shortened by 15 minutes and that’s it. The ones that run for an hour, cannot be changed because it just won’t work. She had set everything at 30 minutes.
Anyway, it appeared that she wanted to hear my version of what happened and I told her and she said that some of the things I observed sort of completed the scene….different camera angles, ya know. And since none of us were told what WW was actually doing the whole time, we had to just report what we observed and not what we were told.
But the best part of all this is that WW has the balls to be really pissed at me and AM. We both say good morning to her and we both get grunted at. She pretty much ignores us after that.
She’s been on mail all this week….when any of us go to get the mail, we ask around to see if anybody wants anything from our little cafe because we have to go right past it to get the mail. And all week, she’s gone to get the mail and not asked…..or so we thought. Today, I didn’t even know she had gone until she came back with the mail….since I wanted a pretzel, I decided to run down and I went into the office to ask the secretaries if they wanted anything. And they each had a pretzel.
I said “Oh…I was just going to ask if you wanted anything from V’s…” AK said “No…thanks, though. [WW] bought pretzels for us.” ? “You mean she actually splerged the whole fifty-cents to get you each a pretzel?!?” They were as schocked as I was….she’s quite a cheapie, but whatever. It was odd that she would buy, but I didn’t think anything more about it, until I asked JB if she wanted me to get anything. “No, thank you…[WW] asked already but I don’t really want anything to eat and I have a soda….”
I turned to AM and said “Did [WW] ask if you wanted anything from V’s?” By this point, she was already amused – she smiled at me and said no. So I went down and got us each a pretzel and a soda.
And today for lunch, JB was heading to the Chinese restaurant down the street to pick up lunch for her and AK…Wawa is on the way there and I was going to go there to get a salad. We were getting ready to leave and WW walks into the room and asks JB if she is going into Wawa…she said “No, I’m not, but Heather is.” WW turned around and walked out of the room. Me, AM and JB just looked at each other and laughed.
She is so fuckin’ pissed at me, that she’s not going to allow me to pick anything up for her at the store! But, I’m better than that. So I walked into the other room and said very nicely “[WW], I really don’t mind….if you want me to pick something up for you, I will.” “No, I’ll get it myself.”
She didn’t have lunch with us all week and spent most of the week in the embedding room trying to make it look like she was actually doing something. Except yesterday when she was sitting at her desk not doing anything but reading the Metro. JB asked her “What, are you too good to cut necropsies now?” She looked up from the paper with a blank experession on her face and went “Hanh?” JB said “I just can’t help but notice that ever since we said that Heather can cut necropsies, you haven’t been. And if you have time to sit there and read the paper, you have time to cut.”
The woman has issues, man….that’s all I can say about it.
The best part is that she thinks ignoring us and being pissy is going to bother us….I just think it’s amusing that she has the nerve to be that way – lol 😀


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