I just had an interesting conversation with my mother.
When we left Sesame Place, as soon as I got in the car, my back screamed. It hurt so unbelievably bad I couldn’t even start the car. My mom offered to drive back, but after a minute I sort of adjusted to sitting there and we got out on the road.
We hung out at my parents house for a while….Brittany ran around and me and my mom had some coffee. I finally conviced Brittany that we should leave and had the same problem when I got in the car again.
I tried stretching it out a but, but that made it hurt even more.
So, I got Brittany to bed and I’m laying here on the couch with Bill’s laptop watching a movie and I called my mom to tell her how quickly Brittany fell asleep. She asked if I was feeling any better….and what I thought was causing it.
I said that today, it was probably from walking around wearing a bathing suit with no support in it all day. And we got into this whole long conversation about bras….something we haven’t talked about since che bought me my first one – lol 🙂 That’s what made it interesting, really…just the fact that we never talk about things like that.
I was complaining to Bill last week that I’m tired of underwires. Every friggin’ bra I buy has an underwire and about 2 months after I buy it, the damn wire comes out and starts jabbing me or else comes out completely. So I decided that I needed to find at least one bra in my size that doesn’t have an underwire.
When I was at Wal-Mart last week, I started a lay-away for Brittany and went through every rack of 38D bras they had there and found 4 different bras to try. One “lounging bra”, one sport bra and two different regular bras….I think one was Just My Size and the other was Playtex or something. If those don’t work out, I’m going have to get a little more drastic…..I just hate the thoughts of buying an expensive bra from Victoria’s Secret or anything because if it lasts as long as my bras usually do that’s like $30 I just threw away :-
Bunch of shit, man……


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  1. Have you looked at Title IX Sports? Sports bras in all shapes and sizes for all sorts of women–with and without underwires. They’re pricey, but they have a good reputation.
    But take this with a grain of salt, because I could hold up my assets with a couple of pieces of adhesive tape (and have done so; it’s the easiest way to wear a backless ballgown).

  2. Good luck finding bras in that size with no underwire. I wear the same size and I swear it is non-existant! If you find some please let me know because I HATE underwire. Jabs me!

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