Vacation, all I ever wanted…

Well, it’s finally vacation time around here, thank god.
After work yesterday, I picked Brittany up from school and came right up here….and even though it took me three hours to get the hell up here because of all the construction….well, it’s just nice to know that I don’t have to be back in work until September 9th.
We decided to just come up the mountains this time….we were going to hit the shore for a few days but we had some news that changed that. Bill’s partner is getting married at the beginning of October and we’ve been invited to tag along with them.
To Las Vegas!!!
I called a travel angency and really wasn’t happy with the prices they quoted us. So we started looking around online and found that we could get much better prices booking the trip ourselves. We had a Jacuzzi Suite booked at the Four Queens but Bill was looking around the other morning and found that we would be able to get a suite at the Luxor! And their suites are in the pyramid….so, he booked it and we put a deposit on it.
I am so excited – I have wanted to stay at the Luxor since they built the place. I would have been happy to stay at the Four Queens this time because of the short notice and then hit the bigger places on our return visits…..because we will be going back.
But, back to this vacation….today and tomorrow are fair days. I have some pictures entered for judging but because they had to be printed on a fairly crappy printer, I’m sure we didn’t get anything for them. But there are other things to that I’m looking forward to doing over there.
The rest of the vacation is pretty open…..we want to try to go to Knobles one day and there is a another fair that we want to go to. I brought two books with me, one Michael Connelly book that I haven’t started yet and the new copy of To Kill a Mockingbird that my super-awesome Secret Goddess got for me and I brought lots of yarn with me. Brittany is going to be starting gymnastics when we get back home and I wanted to make a shrug and a pair of legwarmers for her to wear to and from class. I already made her one pair of pastel multi-colored legwarmers but I want to make her a pair of plain black ones and a matching shrug. For now πŸ™‚
As you may have noticed, we are really just more interested in relaxing this time around. Bill started his 12 hour shifts this week and it hasn’t gone well so far and I’m just glad to have a break from Weavie Wonder…..
Vacations rock πŸ™‚


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  1. Las Vegas! Cool! Are you going to meet up with Heather? πŸ™‚

  2. We’re gonna try…she has a family thing that weekend so it may not be possible but I’m keeping my fingers crossed πŸ˜‰

  3. heh — I’ve posted three comments here and just realized they’re probably not showing up because I didn’t include an email address. Anyway: woohoo!

  4. Hey congrats on not being taken by the travel agent. I love Las Vegas (and I’m not a gambler). I want to move to the area.
    Are you taking your daughter? I think the MGM’s amusements should be open. If you’re just relaxing, don’t bother renting a car it’s a waste. There’s a free shuttle, and a monorail on both sides of LV Blvd to many of the casinos. But if you do rent, parking is free.
    Have a great time. Vegas makes AC look…well like AC. They shoulda kept the piers and the diving horse.

  5. Yeah, we’re not much on gambling either….though if we had more money, Bill would like to get in on a few table games. Personally, I go into the casinos with $40 to lose…I never go in expecting to win and if I do, I pack it in and leave. Considering it’ll be Las Vegas this time, I may give myself $100 to lose just because it’s an event.
    Brittany will be staying here for a few reasons….the big reason is that she would drive me nuts on the plane ride but we also want to be able to run around and do things and go to the casino at 3 in the morning and not have to worry about finding a sitter…..

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