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Break-ish thing…

I am just not into writing anything these days, folks….sorry. There is alot going on around here lately – not necessarily bad – but it’s wearing me out and I just want to sit and veg in front of the TV and knit or something most of the time.
We are getting all set for our trip to Vegas…by that I mean I at least know what I’m bringing, even if it isn’t packed yet. We leave very, very early Friday morning and get back very, very late Monday night and we have alot to do in the meantime. I already made sure I have extra SmartMedia chips in the camera bag.
To at least tell you the end of the story, I started working full time today. It was a little odd to start….I mean I knew all day yesterday that I’d be going in today but when my alarm went off this morning, I ignored it at first and then wondered why the fuck it was going off on a Monday. When I got up to turn it off, I went “Oh, yeah!” 🙂
It’ll hit me on Thursday when I have to go in for the 4th day… least I’m easing into it. 4 days this week, 4 days next week and then a full 5 day week. Yeah, my first week of full-time with benefits and I’m already taking vacation time 😉
Bill has been sick quite a bit off and on lately….but it’s at least given us some time to talk about things. We’re fine, of course….just making some plans that I don’t really want to get into now, but I may journal it in the near future. No, it’s not a baby.
Even though this turned out to be longer than I expected, I just really don’t feel like doing this right now. I have some pictures from the Phillies game yesterday (that was really cool) and some other stuff to post here and in the journal and babyblog, as well. But I probably won’t be posting much of anything until we get back from Vegas next week….gonna be a busy week.

End of an Era

Today is the last regular season game for the Phillies….and since they couldn’t get it up for the playoffs, it is therefore the last game ever at Veterans Statium. Supposedly, they have a whole bunch of fun stuff plan but nobody knows what they are doing.
And we have tickets 🙂
It’s been raining most of the morning but the map shows it clearing out…..doesn’t look like the game is gonna be rained out but ya never know.
I doubt they are gonna have issues with cameras today but I don’t feel like dragging one around especially since it’s a little wet today. So I will be getting a few pictures but they will be phone cam pics.

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Everything is cool here….for us, anyway.
The worst of the storm passed through about 6:AM, as far as I know….further proof that I really can sleep though anything. There is alot of damage and flooding all around the area here but definitely not as much as we were expecting.
It’s still quite windy out (winds at about 20mph and gusts at about 30mph) but the sun is shining brightly….my only complaint is that it is really friggin’ humid :-p
Still, at least we’re not gonna be stuck inside….I’m going to be heading out in a bit to get something to wear to the wedding and maybe another new otfit to bring with us to Vegas 😉

Good and Bad

Well, the bad news is that the rain is just plain nuts. It’s been coming down here non-stop for the last 2 hours….sometimes it’s so heavy I can’t see across the street but most of the time it’s just a drenching rain.
The good news is…..

…it’s not a hurricane anymore and it’s moving a little faster now.

Here comes the rain…

Okay, it just started raining in earnest now….it’s been drizzle off and on all day but I think the sky just opened up.

stormy fun

An old update there….things are definitely picking up. The wind is stong and heavy…..last I heard it was 30 mph, mostly sustained. Every once in a while we get a good gust and Brittany swears it’s thunder 🙂
There have been some changes in the storm track….a couple of different pressure fronts – one to the north and one to the west – have altered the course. It was supposed to head off toward the lakes but now it looks like it’s going to run right up the middle of the state.
What that means for us is that we’ll be closer to the epicenter and getting more rain from it than we originally thought. But! It is also moving faster now….which means we may not get as much rain as we originally thought.
Fun, eh?
If it slows down again, we could have problems….right now, they are saying 2-4 inches of rain for us (we only need 2.5 to have flash floods). If the storm slows, it’ll be more like 5-8. That could suck.
With any luck, if it stays the way it is now, Bill will be able to come home when he’s supposed to and actually beat the really bad stuff.
Me…? I’m just sitting here listening to the wind on the transem in the bathroom and my neighbors trashcans and chairs blowing down the street.
The party never ends.


Isabel is getting closer.

This morning, I got up a half hour early and put our trashcans, porch chairs and Brittany’s pool inside the other house. I also tucked my planters under the table I have on the porch to hold them and put an old air conditioner that we are throwing away in front of it to keep them under there.
When I got into work, JB told me that MG had said that as soon as everything is done, we could all go home. I embedded everything, went to get the mail and the things from surgury and changed out the whole histomat and was completely done by 12:45. I hung around to see if there was anything else I could do for anybody but JB finished trimming in around 1 and said she just had to wait to see if all the slides from today were okay. She said I could leave at 1:15.
I stopped at Wawa on my way home and got some food for me and Brittany for tonight and tomorrow…stuff that doesn’t need to be cooked in case we don’t have any power. I picked up a wrap to have for dinner and Brittany is gonna have hot dogs (since we obviously still have power). I also got 2 salads for me and a Lunchable for Brittany…got come bananas, a few more cups of yogurt and an extra half gallon of milk.
We are in a state of emergency. I’m kinda ambivalent about that because it means that if we nee dhelp during the storm, we can get it quickly. But it also means that Bill is pretty much at work until further notice….I don’t think he’s going to have a good night. The area he works is prone to flooding…that’s a big enough problem right there. But there are also alot of abandoned properties and disheveled lots….that means alot of debris flying around and the possiblity of homes collapsing.
Now it’s just the waiting. It’s quite windy here already, has been all day….but it’s only been raining for about 10 minutes or so. It seems to be just a drizzle, but I know that can change at any minute.
Well, we’re gonna eat now and I want to try to catch some of the news at 4.
If I can, I’ll post something when Brittany goes to bed….should be getting really bad just about then, though.


I hate this!! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!!!!
I hate being in this house by myself and Bill is up the mountains and I can’t fucking fall asleep!!
I was laying in bed and just about to doze off when i heard some weird noise and I snapped out of that nice almost-sleeping place and that was more than an hour ago and I can’t fucking sleep now!!!
I have been laying there all this time wondering what every friggin’ creak is, petrified that someone is in the house or kidnapping Brittany or some other stupid shit.
I’m gonna wind up sleeping downstairs.


I don’t mind the nor’easters so much….I mean, I’m sure if I lived along the Jersey coast they’d bug the shit outta me. But considering I’m about 67 miles inland, they don’t hit us all that bad….and, truth be told, I love a good storm even if it is all snow.
But the hurricanes actually do worry me quite a bit. Again, being so far inland and in a great big valley they tend not be exceptionally bad here but they have been bad enough to freak me out. And it’s not the rain here….yeah, we got a good bit of rain with the storm, but we don’t have to deal with flooding in this particular area. I’m knocking on wood as I type this, of course. When I get home from work tomorrow, I’ll be making sure the drains are clear of leaves and things (again…stupid friggin’ trees) so that should at least ensure that most of the rain winds up in the sewage system and not in our basement. Tonight I’ll be moving some of the crap in our basement to a higher place just to be on the safe side. I have to use the washer and dryer tonight but as soon as I’m done, I’ll be unplugging them lest I forget to do so tomorrow.
That all said, even though I am taking those precautions….the water isn’t what worries me. It’s the friggin’ wind. Our house is in the middle of a row so unless something really wonky happens, I don’t expect any wind damage here. Should the power go out, I have a couple of flashlights with new batteries and Bill’s work flashlight is charging up. I have a couple of lighters handy (one in my room and a couple downstairs)….and a few utility candles in each room. I have to get some more batteries to put in my radio and alarm clock, but then we should be good around the house.
But you know….it’s not going to hit when I’m home. If this all works out the way it’s supposed to, I should be home from work before anything really starts kickin’….if we behave like good little techs, they may even let us go early 😉 I just hate driving when it’s windy. Even a moderate wind like 35 MPH, gets me nuts because of all the shit that gets blown around….I do not want to be driving with winds upwards on 80 MPH, thankyouverymuch.
With any luck, come Thursday, you’ll find me at home, curled up on the couch with a book and a cup of tea.


My 9.11….I get the felling it’s not so very different from what everyone else felt today.
I’m not really sure why, but the first thing I did when Brittany went to bed was put together a new mix cd…’s not very profound (and even a little corny) but it’s good for me.

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