Isabel is getting closer.

This morning, I got up a half hour early and put our trashcans, porch chairs and Brittany’s pool inside the other house. I also tucked my planters under the table I have on the porch to hold them and put an old air conditioner that we are throwing away in front of it to keep them under there.
When I got into work, JB told me that MG had said that as soon as everything is done, we could all go home. I embedded everything, went to get the mail and the things from surgury and changed out the whole histomat and was completely done by 12:45. I hung around to see if there was anything else I could do for anybody but JB finished trimming in around 1 and said she just had to wait to see if all the slides from today were okay. She said I could leave at 1:15.
I stopped at Wawa on my way home and got some food for me and Brittany for tonight and tomorrow…stuff that doesn’t need to be cooked in case we don’t have any power. I picked up a wrap to have for dinner and Brittany is gonna have hot dogs (since we obviously still have power). I also got 2 salads for me and a Lunchable for Brittany…got come bananas, a few more cups of yogurt and an extra half gallon of milk.
We are in a state of emergency. I’m kinda ambivalent about that because it means that if we nee dhelp during the storm, we can get it quickly. But it also means that Bill is pretty much at work until further notice….I don’t think he’s going to have a good night. The area he works is prone to flooding…that’s a big enough problem right there. But there are also alot of abandoned properties and disheveled lots….that means alot of debris flying around and the possiblity of homes collapsing.
Now it’s just the waiting. It’s quite windy here already, has been all day….but it’s only been raining for about 10 minutes or so. It seems to be just a drizzle, but I know that can change at any minute.
Well, we’re gonna eat now and I want to try to catch some of the news at 4.
If I can, I’ll post something when Brittany goes to bed….should be getting really bad just about then, though.


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