stormy fun

An old update there….things are definitely picking up. The wind is stong and heavy…..last I heard it was 30 mph, mostly sustained. Every once in a while we get a good gust and Brittany swears it’s thunder 🙂
There have been some changes in the storm track….a couple of different pressure fronts – one to the north and one to the west – have altered the course. It was supposed to head off toward the lakes but now it looks like it’s going to run right up the middle of the state.
What that means for us is that we’ll be closer to the epicenter and getting more rain from it than we originally thought. But! It is also moving faster now….which means we may not get as much rain as we originally thought.
Fun, eh?
If it slows down again, we could have problems….right now, they are saying 2-4 inches of rain for us (we only need 2.5 to have flash floods). If the storm slows, it’ll be more like 5-8. That could suck.
With any luck, if it stays the way it is now, Bill will be able to come home when he’s supposed to and actually beat the really bad stuff.
Me…? I’m just sitting here listening to the wind on the transem in the bathroom and my neighbors trashcans and chairs blowing down the street.
The party never ends.


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