Walk Like an Egyptian

We’re back! We got in quite late last night. The original plan was for me to go to my parents house when we got back and spend the night there…then leave from there in the morning to take Brittany to school and go to work. But Brittany was sent home from school yesterday with a fever so she couldn’t go in and I stayed home with her. I’ve got the beginning of a good cold myself…anyway, we all caught up on some sleep and spent the day just laggin’ around.
I have a ton of pictures on the camera but I’m not feeling up to transferring them just jow. I will definitely do it tomorrow night, though…..when I do that, I’ll write a bit about the trip.
In short, it was great….tiring, but great. The Luxor was amazing and there was so much to do – in the casino and all around the town – that we didn’t get around to it all. But we’re going back…..sooner than later 😉


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  1. welcome back. glad u had a great time. truly one of my favorite places in the world.

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