Kids are Weird :-

When Brittany heard my alarm going off this morning, she came into my room and climbed into bed with me. I got ready then I got her ready. And we were early.
Brittany was ready to walk out the door and I had to run back upstairs for something. I walk into my room and hear Bill downstairs go “Aww, Brittany…” in a kind of “Awwww, what happened?” voice….then I heard her start crying.
I said “What did she do?” She took a sip of water and just threw up. Just standing there, not complaining about her belly hurting or anything like that…..just waiting by the door with her water bottle, ready to go to school and *bleghk*.
It’s kind of a weird day around here, though….alot more humid than it’s been lately and Bill and I both woke up quite congested. So she probably had a little PND and just gagged a bit when she went to drink the water.
So, I got her changed back into her nightgown and started to leave and told her she should lay down for a while and I’d be back soon….then she started crying again. “But, Mamaaaa! I wanna go to schoooooool!” Think she’ll be doing that in 10 years?
Anyway, she stayed here with Bill and I went in to embed….I told JB what happened with Brittany and that I’d need to leave as soon as I was finished embedding. Of course she said it was fine and even sent home a pack of stickers for her…..I love my boss 🙂

Okay, what is the deal with my phone cam….sometimes the picture is perfect, almost as good as a regular camera, and other times it looks like this. I’ve said before that I think the signal effects the quality of the picture but everyone tell me no :-p


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  1. Poor bug 😦 Hope she feels better soon!

  2. Awww 😦 Poor kiddo.
    I hear there’s one of those bugs going around here. I’m bracing myself.EEE…

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