So, early returns are showing crackhead in the lead. Just fucking great.
The rematch between Mayor John Street, 60, and businessman Sam Katz, 53, has illustrated the dominance ethnicity still plays in elections in a city nearly evenly divided between blacks and whites….Blacks have rallied to Street’s banner since Oct. 7, when police discovered the FBI bug during what they described as a routine City Hall security sweep.
There is one thing about this bug they found that no one seems to have thought of….or if they have, we haven’t heard it mentioned. Street brought in an independant company (not our police as the news article claims – Bill: “We do not ‘routinely sweep’ City Hall for bugs!”) to inspect his office to see if there were any kind of listening devices. From the git-go, his supporters have clung to the belief that Katz had something to do with it despite the fact that the FBI has come forward and claimed it as theirs.
My problem with this is…if Street isn’t doing anything that he shouldn’t be doing, why worry if his office is bugged? And secondly, if he isn’t doing anything wrong and thinks that someone in the Katz camp may have bugged his office, why bring in an independant company to scan the place when our police are perfectly capable of doing it?
And no, you can’t tell me that the police may be biased in Katz favor or anything because for some reason, the FOP came out in support of Street…..especially confusing to me why any city organization would support him after learning that in addition to a number of charitable organizations, the FBI has begun an investigation regarding the city pension fund. If I find out he’s been dipping into Bill’s pension to buy his crack, I’m gonna be ever-so-pissed.
Whatever…it’s early yet, but I’m not very hopeful :-


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