What a bunch of friggin’ idiots. Who cares if he’s a crooked crackhead that’s probably stealing money from our churches and charities….vote for Street, you muthafucker!
Same fucking morons that said 15 years ago “Well, yeah….he bombed one of our neighborhoods and killed a bunch of kids, but let’s re-elect him anyway.”
Sometimes, I really hate living in this city.


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  1. Let’s be honest now. You put Katz into office and what does he do? Republicans have repeatedly held that city back and Katz would havce been different, but for the worse. He is a pawn for Bush. I know you support bush (although I have no idea why anyone making under 400K a year would), but be honest – you think Katz would have done better? I will tell you what Katz was going to do:
    1) The republicans think cutting taxes is the way to go. People do not realize cutting taxes means cutting things taxes pay for. One of Katz’s hidden agenda’s was to cut taxes to public safety, which means Bill could have been out of a job. I don’t know about you, but I will take siphoning from funds and licking fingers than being cold out of a job.
    2) Katz was thinking of giving the entire public school system to Edison. We all know what a wonderful job Edison is doing.
    3) Katz wants to repel nearly all business income tax as to “attract” business to the city. In reality, not outside business will come tp philly because there is no interest from the young and bright to live there. Whats left is what you have, blue collar workers. With that, all the repeal of buisness tax does is gives the current businesses a big fat tax break.
    4) In order to right all of this, down the line, income taxes on citizens would have to be raised.
    5) While people hem and haw about how Street gave contracts to his own, he was only following status quo. If you think Katz would be honest and really put contracts up for bid the way you are supposed to, then you really don’t have any clue how government contracts work.
    Street is a thug. Street is an arrogant racist. Street is a criminal. But considering the alternative, at least he isn’t smiling and syaing its all for our own good.
    Heather, you need to step back and take a good hard look at what the republicans are really doing to our country. What makes it sickening is how the wrap up their lies and deception in an American flag and say they are doing in honor the the 9-11 victims. When 2004 comes around, for the good of this nation, I truly hope you vote against Bush. If you and others don’t, mark my words, this nation will not survive.

  2. I have had enough of liberals and democrats to last me for a very long time considering that’s all we seem to get around here….thngs have become way too lax an we are far too tolerant of criminals, racists and biggots and the only way it’s going to get any better is if we can actually have an election where it is about more than race. Favoritism and “cronyism” is evident in *everything* Street does – e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
    No, you’re right…he isn’t smiling and telling me that it’s for my own good because he ain’t doing shit for my own good. He’s fucked over the police more times than I can count, even to the point of sympathizing with criminals. Speaking of, Katz plan was to get more cops out on the street…I don’t know how other families feel, but I’d rather have more cops out there backing Bill up than have them short-handed, overworked and working overtime 3 days out of five, the way they are now.
    Sorry, but I think this city needs a good republican enema to get it back on track.

  3. A) Be careful saying democrats are pro-criminal. You sound like a radical republican saying that.
    B) You absolutly wrong about Katz. He had no plans of putting more cops on the street. He had plans of cutting taxes which always means cutting goivernment funded programs. That includes cutting government jobs. One of his plans was to reduce headcount in PPD. He also wanted to sell off all of the school system to Edison. Tax cuts are not a good thing. Taqxes are cincome to keep a city running just as your paycheck keeps your household running. When you reduce that income, you reduce spending on things you want and need. Don’t let the facets of the Bush-led republican goivernment blind you to the fact that these tax breaks are doing good. They are doing good, but not for you or me.
    Don’t let your anger from the fact that the old neighborhood has gone to shit blind you from the realities of what the republicans are doing. Don’t blame the democrats for the fact that population is decreasing in Philly and the number of scumballs are ever increasing. Blame that on the business, the PRO_REPUBLICAN business that continue to move jobs overseas. Bush turns a blind eye to that.
    Hesther, you really need to stop lookinbg at the cover of the republican agenda and see the hidden items inside. This isn’t conspiracy, black ops type stuff. This is reality. Read the patriot act sometime. Read patriot act ii sometime. For example, the repubs snuck in some provisions to one bill that stated no pharmecutical company can be held liable if any vaccine they makes causes harm and/or death to a person. That means, if god forbid something happned to bill or brittany if they had a vaccine given to them, you would have no power to do anything to the company who produced the vaccine. And you are seriously mistaken if you think these pharmecutical companies throughly test these vaccines (remember, they exist to make money first).
    One thing that really bothers me is you say this election shouldnt have been about race, but it seems that both sides of the coin were played pretty well. There was plenty of bigotry from both whites and blacks.

  4. First, don’t even start with the vaccines because unlike the other mindless drones that have thier families vaccinated just because they are told to by the doctor and the state, I have been educated about them formally andI know what they are made from and what they can potentially do, and I have researched them in depth before agreeing to let Brittany get them. It was argued for a while that the MMR combo vaccine caused Autism and other mental disorders in children. Now, has supposedly been proven that does not cause Autism, but since my nephew started showing signs of being Autistic in the few months after he got the shot, I refused to let Brittany get it. Fortunately, her doctor was willing to work with me and ordered the individual vaccines and spaced them out over 4 months. I have been in contention with Brittany’s school since she started because the state insists that children have to be vaccinated for Chicken Pox and I think it’s a load of crap. Same goes for Bill and myself.
    Katz can cut all the taxes he wants to but his plan *did* include putting more cops out on the street and keeping criminals off the street longer….fuck, if he’s gonna do that he can raise my taxes. Street has been using the cops from the day he gotin office to make himself look better among his cronies….whenever somebody is coming to town that he wats to impress, they work double shifts or go stand on a corner somewhere in North Philly and Kensington so that when they look at our “problem” areas, there is a big fake police presence. Nevermind the fact that they have been overworked to the point of exhaustion and physical pain. And his big FOP support couldn’t even get him a couple of real cops to be in his commercials – those were not Philadelphia Police walking with him, as pretty much everyone could tell just by looking at the uniform…..they were probably security guards for christ’s sake.
    You are absolutely right that it’s a racist election on both sides…..I would say that probably 30% of the people who voted her on Tuesday voted for the candidate that would do the best job, if that many. Not only did it come down to black or white, it also came to black or jew and to many people, it was just a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils.

  5. Sounds to me a tinge of racism on your part? How does that make you ant better than Street?
    Racism, is a two way street. The people who cry about it the most tend to be racist themselves.

  6. Also, I wasn’t trageting specific vaccines. I was stating that Bush and the GOP had slipped a last minute provision into a bill tat passed that said no producer of vaccines can be held laible for the effects that vaccine has on anyone. That means, you cannot sue these places if they produce a vaccine that you, bill or brittany may receive and it harms you.
    I had a conversation with a friend today who said he voted for Bush in 00 and he said it was a mistake. The revelations being made (like today, there was a last minute plea from Iraq that they wanted to make a deal and it was basically ignored) are showing how much a a deceving liar Bush really is. I asked my friend why he voted for Bush in 00. He said he didn’t know. This bothers me that people do not investigate the issues and platforms the candidates they vote for, support. Many people vote on who seems more popular or what they look like, and in the case of philly Mayor – race.
    I find it a bit contradictive that you would vote for a president who is staunchly against unions and yet your husband in in one of the largest unions in the nation.
    These are the types of things I talk about to people when confronted with thw “whys” of who they voted for. Study the platforms the candidates stand upon. DOn’t vote party lines just because you did it in the past. Dont vote for someone or against them bsed on race or religion.
    Intgelligent voting is blind to race, religion, sex, sexual preference. Intelligent voting is studying he issues the candidtaes stand for and more so, what their plans are for dealing with these issues. Intelligent voting takes work. It takes time and research and should not be done on impulse. More so, it should not be done on “well, i always voted democrat or republican in the past”
    All I ask as a fellow citizen is that you vote with your head, not with your heart.

  7. i can’t add anything to what steve said i agree with him.
    just to say a bit about goode’s re-election. just as in this campaign he was the lesser of two evils, esp in his 2nd election. frank rizzo was responsible for burning down way more homes (most of which are still shells after 30+ years) when he was police chief (then mayor) and was key proponent in almost (i use that lightly) every racist happening in this city throughout the 70s including kill a nigger day, which was in this city 2 or 3 years while he was mayor. i believer he was also mayor during the first move fiasco that didn’t go well either. people seem to want to gloss over that.
    believe me i never liked goode. i mean never back when he was city controller under green (who had to be the most thoughtless lacidaisical mayor in history). but goode was a damn better choice than rizzo.
    it often irritates and baffles me how people always bring up goode as if he was this cities undoing. they deify rizzo and skip over green, the bankrupter of a city.
    i also wonder why you bring up goode since the only thing he and street have in common is brown skin.

  8. The only reason anyone brings up Goode in a discussion like this one is because he is black. Every wrong doing by the two black mayors this city has had has been magnified just because they are black.
    Again, I dispise both Goode and Street for the piss oor jobs they did as mayor. I dispise Street even more because he IS a racist. But I do not hold them to any different standard than I would have a white mayor (and I am white myself). Rizzo was your typical racist prick who ran this city like a military zone (and no it was NOT better when he was in office). Intimidation by the police is NEVER a good thing – it is why they have a bad name today. In the same argument, where you say the mayor is there to serve us, so are the police. Remember, to protect and to serve, not to intimidate and demean.
    But the original point I am trying to make is the fact that most people do not vote intelligently. They do not see where their candidate stands and then regret it later down the line. Many bush voters in 2000 are now admitting they made a mistake. The reason they said they made a mistake is because they beleived him, they thought we was going to be a moderate. Instead, is is an ultra-neoconservative.
    Let me ask you this heather – do you beleive we, America, should impose our way of life on every other country in the world and do so through the use of military force? Would you suppot an administration that does?

  9. I really have bigger things to worry about these days than you alling me a racist so I’m gonna keep this short and as sweet as I possibly can:
    1. Street and Goode can easily be limped together because they both screwed people over and refused to accept responsibility for it. If they got the job done, I would have no problem giving them props…Rendell left us with our city budget way in the black and in four years, Street has nearly depleted it – call me crazy, but things like that make me a lttle suspicious.
    2. I have never been a huge fan of unions and probably never will be until they are run and utilized as they were originally meant to be. Such as they are, they have a few good points…very few. But for the most part I see tham as a ge-out-of-the-unemployment-line-free card. I see it in my own workplace, unfortunately, and it pissed me off to no end that sub-standard workmanship cannot be dealt with the way it should be for fear of union retaliation.
    3 Perhaps we should have an income requirement for those who wish to vote? Or how about handing out an IQ test wit hthe registration form? Actually, perhaps rather tthan questions about which judges should continue their term or what words we should change in the charter, they should put a test on the ballot – if anyone get’s below a score of 70, their vote is discounted. It is the privelege of every citizen to vote – how do you suggest we we ensure that all of these people vote intelligently?
    Oh, and Steve? the next time you’re gonna call me a racist or something, wait till I’m not hanging out in the hospital so I can laugh at you in real time, especially since a little birdie told me you said the “lesser of two evils” thing to him just a few days ago…..this from the guy who announces himself on AIM with the phrase “Gro?” and a few other choice words.

  10. a number 1 – I did not call you a racist. I just said it sounds a bit racist to lumo two black mayors together and say they both screwed people. Rizzo screwed lots of people over as did Greene. Rendell did do a decent job, but remember, street was one of his closest aides and helped him. And remember, everyone is sturggling these days with budgets – its called a bad economy. What sets a good government official apart is the fact theyt are trying to do something about it (i.e. things like safe streets actually puts more money into a policemans pocket – and yes, everyone is working more hours these days). Compared to Bush, who all but ignores the fact that millions are still out of work, Street does what he can. Again, I think Street is a terrible mayor. Goode was just as bad. But not because they are black.
    No, onto the topic of the lesser of two evils. Actualy, Katz IS the lesser of two evils in many regards. But his platforms is what would keep someone like me from voting for him. Above all, he is a puppet for Bush and that is the largest reason I would not have voted for him. In terms of bigotry, he is just as much of a bigot as street is.
    For the “gro” thing – pne thing you need to understand about me – I may joke, I may make fun, but I never mean it. Me and that birdie have been messing like that for years and years. I mess like that with my black friends down here. They don’t mind it because they know I don’t mean anything by it. Deep down, I beleive in fairness. I am sure the little birdie does too.
    FInally, if you dont want to talk and argue politics and take the heat from one another in an argument, then don’t mention it. I get into many heated debates with friends about politics and in the end, we are still friends. Perhaps now is not a good time for you to be bringing up politics because it usualy ends up getting heated. You apparently do not need that now. I know Bill doesn’t.
    I still love you guys, even if you are pro republican 😉

  11. dude, i’m too young to even remember rizzo or green. all i know of rizzo is what i see in pbs specials….i do remember when he was running against rendell but i was in elementary school and don’t remember much of either campaign.
    you may have noticed that street has now cut back the Safe Streets program….if he wants to put more money in the pockets of our police, rather than standing them on a corner in an area they don’t work, maybe he should consider paying them more than trash collectors. A Philly cop goes into the academy making $26-28,000…trash collectors start out making at least $39,000.
    i didn’t mention it to start a debate……i brought it up to express my exasperation with the way every election in this city goes. there is no such thing as “intelligent voting” here. and the way things are going, it’s going to be that way for a very long time. but *i* am not some ditz that votes for whoever has the best commercials.
    finally, i’m not republican just fo the sake of being republican. i am a conservative, and in most cases, the conservative in me finds the republican to be the best candidate. but, i don’t walk into the booth, press the republican button and walk out…..which i think most people do.

  12. Keep in mind though, mosy republicans you vote for are not just conservatives, but ultra-conservatives. And Bush and his croonies are the worst kind of conservatives – neo-cons. Neo-cons beleive that democracy should be spread throughout the world through any means neccesary. This isn’t me making this up, this is right from the mouths of babes.
    here is a site that breaks it down http://shockingelk.com/text/neoconservative/
    and here is a site that is the neocon hq on the web http://www.newamericancentury.org/statementofprinciples.htm
    It is scary to think this is what our republicans are up to. It is a shame there are not more moderates like Mccain – he is about one of the few repubs that actually makes sense and serves the people – not special interests or big business.
    The problem with the majority of the GOP is the fact of what they lie about. Lets be honest, all politicians lie, we know that. But what they lie about is the factor one needs to consider when deciding to put them into office. Sure, Clinton lied – about a blow job. Bush lies – about a threat that didn’t exist to take us to war. Now, even an imbicile can see which is a worse lie.
    And define what you mean by you are a conservative – what makes you a conservative?

  13. I also just read this article – they arent cutting safe streets.

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