What the fuck?!?!

You’ve probably heard me mention recent;y that Bill hasn’t been feeling very well lately. I haven’t gone into very much detail for the most part because there isn’t really all that much to tell. He’s got pains in his back, neck, legs and lower abdomen all the time, he’s not sleeping regularly at all, he has problems with his eyes flaring up once or twice a month, and at least 2 or 3 days a week, he’s sick to the point of throwing up.
He hasn’t been to work since we got back from Las Vegas just about a month ago and it has been getting worse every day.
But it’s not new. He’s had these symptoms for the past two years or so but they have been getting gradually worse. He’s been going to doctors and having tests done and this doctor treats him for this symptom ad that doctor treats his for that symptom…..but the symptoms don’t really go away, they are just masked by the medication and eventually, he builds an immunity and has to stop.
He went up the mountains on Sunday to see if the fresh air would help any. It didn’t. He felt just as bad being up ther as he did here. And yesterday it got really bad….he called me around 11:30 and told me that he was going to te emergency room.
I left work early, got Brittany an went right up there.
He had an MRI done last Friday and I called to get the results while I was on my way up there….oh, no, they won’t be readyfor 7-10 business days – what the fuck was I thinking. Dude, if it took us 7-10 working day to get the results of anything we do, we really wouldn’t be a very popular hospital….know how long it takes us? 24 hours. And that’s only because the specimens have to process overnight.
Anyway, on the way up, Bill called me to let me know they were sending him home. And that it was all his imagination…sure, he might have a few aches and pains, but he was making it out to be worse than it really is. Riiiiight….why didn’t I think of that? He can barely walk…..just sitting up knocks the wind out of him. But it’s all in his head.
I had to come back to go to work today so I got up and left at 4:15….but, because of this huge accident on the turnpike last night, it took me 4 and a half hours to get from the house to Bittany’s school and then to work when it should have only taken 2 and a half. I got off at Quakertown and came all the way down 309….it was alright until I got near the turnpike at Ft. Washington. Took me more than an hour to go 5 miles.
Anyway, Bill seems to be feeling a little better today than he was yesterday and said that if he feels the same tomorrow, he’s gonna try to come home. I was going to leave Brittany at my mom’s tonight and go back up, but I’ve had enough drivig for one day. I may go up tomorrow though, and escort him back down, just in case.
We are going to find an internist for him to go to though……there is definitely someting going on in there and rather than six doctors with different pieces of the puzzle that won’t listen when we tell them what the others say, we need someone that wll be able to look at it all and put it together in one big picture.
P.S. – you may notice some missing letters and other crap….my keyboard is wonky and I don’t feel like going back to fix any errors……


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  1. Wow! That sounds scary if he is having all these problems and nobody knows what it is. Sounds like something in the spinal column to me. Does he have a fever or anything?

  2. No fever…..sometimes, I wish it was omething simple like that but no such luck. We are pretty sure it ties into a spinal injury from a few years ago, the problem is finding a doctor that will believe it all.

  3. Has he tried going to a chiropractor?
    How about getting him on a vitamin and mineral regemin.
    How about blood tests? What do they say?

  4. A chiropractor may be one way to go, but we still need someone that will sort of oversee the whole thing because that is not the only problem. Unfortunately, our family doctor – though he is very good – has people on his staff that think they wentto medical school and are able to look at test results and say everything is fine. Then we get i to see him and he spots all the problems.
    He buys vitamins left and right and they all sit in the cabinet and collect dust. He was doing well for a wile with not drinking so much soda and other caffeinated crap, but now he’s back to that again….I’m trying to get him back on the seltzer water at least.
    He’s had blood work done a few times over the past few years and even the doctor says it’s coming back normal. He had it done most recently about 3 months ago. But, when we do get to see the internist, I would like him to refer us to an endocrinologist and a rhumatologist. They can run more specific blood work than a regular chem screen and see if they can pick up on any underlying problems.

  5. Well, I know Bills eating and soft and hard drinking habits. He eats like Anthony – stay away from that crap at Valeno’s (different name, same fucking re-used grease). I have had friends who had similar problems, and going on a strict vegitarian diet for a few monts helped them. They also ate a lot of banana’s too. Helped restore potasium levels. Drinking a fuck load of water each day might help too. And as far as the abdomenal pains – eating a bowl of uncooked spinache with some olive oil not only tastes good, but gives you a lot of fiber which cleanses out the colon.
    You may even want to try some eastern medicine. Go see one of those chinese healers – they do some wild stuff like some serious enemas and then accupuncture. It may be worth a shot. There are a lot of choices out there that do not involve everyday western medicine.
    As far as the zoloft, and other type of milkd anti-depressants – get him off of that shit. That stuff is garbage. It is a marketed ploy to make people think they are feeling better. All that stuff does is desentizes you. I was on zoloft and ativan. It doesn’t fic anything, it only masks the real problems.

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