Just wrong….

A little background….I don’t know anything about Barbie. I can count on one hand the Barbies I had growing up because I thought they were boring as all hell. But, they have a bunch of them at Brittany’s school and she’s starting to say that she wants one….neither Bill nor I are happy about it but for Christmas she is getting one. If she gets into them….I guess I’ll just deal with it and cry a little every time I think about it.
Stupid Barbie….
But anyway….as if you all need further proof that we are pretty screwed up in the head around here…..

Me: brittany wants a barbie
::me – totally clueless – looking for barbie dolls::
Me: fuuuuck me….
Him: she ain’t getting any of that shit, she’s geting the $12.99 regular barbie, and that’s all, no Alternate Lifestyle Ken or anything
Me: hahahaha!
Me: no, i don’t want to get her anything fancy….i think i might get her the swan lake barbie and the video.
::more barbie searching::
Me: uhhhh
Him: uh, hmm
Me: i hope the baby is just under the dress, man….
Him: heh
Me: lololol – it comes with the funhouse!!!
Him: looks more like hooker barbie
Me: don’t they all?
Him: Well, yeah
Me: creepy review….”i love barbies and play with them, June 17, 2003
Reviewer: pee wee herman from kentucky
this barbie is so realistic. i own four myself. every girl/boy who is trying to discover himself should own one of these.”
Him: haha, yeah, you know, they need “adult barbie”
Me: they make them goto realdoll.com
Him: I mean ones that cost $20 not $6,000
Me: ah….and what exactly is “adult barbie”?
Him: I dunno, one’s with pink hair, leather mini’s, tattoo’s biker caps, stuff like that
Me: they already have all that crap…..those are the “my style” barbies
Him: uh, ok
Me: i thought you meant they should come with dildos, ky and penicillin
Him: sure!
Him: I think “strap-on barbie” using the old 50’s body would be cool
Me: and rather than the barbie van, you get a vw bus with a ratty old mattress in the back.
Him: No, you need a big GMC van like an a-team van
Me: ah, okay. and instead of ken, we could market mr. potato head as ron jeremy.
Him: That’s doing Mr Potatohead an injustice


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