Just something…

Here’s a sure sign that I really like my job.
I got in to work yesterday at 7:40 after bringing Brittany to school. At 8:05, her school called me and told me she was sick and had a little fever (again ::sigh::) and she should go home. I tried to call Bill – who was still sleeping – but he didn’t hear our stupid new phone ringing and his cell phone wasn’t on.
So I left work to get Brittany.
I brought her in the house and made her nice and comfy, put on Charlotte’s Web and got her water bottle out of the fridge. I told Bill to make sure she drank lots of water and I left and went back to work.
I went back to work.
Naturally, if Bill wasn’t home, I would have stayed home but it occured to me on my way back that if I was working in the Clinical Lab or probably any other place and had to leave go all the way up and home, there is no way in hell I would have gone back. But there I was, back in the lab, a little more than an hour later.
My job kicks ass 🙂


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  1. before i thought, alright at least she gets out early in the afternoon. that’s cool. now, i’m thinking you’re nutso. actually, i don’t think i’ve ever known anyone that enjoys likes their job, so good going. *claps*

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