learning as i go….

I didn’t make any real progress here tonight….obviously.
But I did learn a few things……basically, that I am going to have to set up a whole lot of ‘includes’ in order to do things the way I want to.
The comment thing is still bugging me….the way it goes to the individual entry page after a comment is posted and therefore screws up the whole template. I think I know how to fix it….but it’s way to freakin’ late to start it now. At least you don’t get an error with the initial pop-up screen anymore…..
I can’t really see any way to get the outlook skin working here unless I rewrite my MT code and if I do that, I have to rewrite the rest of the skins to match….so now, it comes to completely re-figuring the css Joelle shared to match up with my junk the way it is. Should be fun.
But for now…..I’m going to bed :-p


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