Apple Walnut Pie

Ya know…..just in case you were curious as to what an apple pie with cream cheese filling and a walnut encrusted top would look like.
Sooooooo good. But very rich of course…and I can honestly say that I only had one small piece. I actually think I did very well at dinner….hey, my jeans were still loose when I left and my scale still shows me 8 pounds lighter than I was two weeks ago 😉
My chicken came out great and I brought home the carcass to make soup. I was going to put it in to start boiling tonight, but by the time we got home, I just wanted to sit around and not do a damn thing.
It’s going well so far and I intend to be asleep shortly 🙂
Hope everyone had a great day!!


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  1. just playing with a few things again….

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