I have just been so exhausted lately….I really think the weather has been takin’ it out of me. I don’t mind the cold…you know I don’t. But it’s been constant wind on top of the frigid temperatures and that walk across the park to and from work is just getting to be something I really dread. To make things even more interesting, it got up into the mid 30s over the weekend and melted the snow we had, then it dropped back down into the low 20 and not one idiot around here thinks hey, everything the melted the other frozae again….maybe I outta put out some more salt.
My mom was taken to the emergency room today. She had a biopsy of her uterus done last week and when they did it, it hurt her so badly she got all tensed up and everyone seems to think that she wound up getting so tensed that she pinched a nerve. Yesterday, she couldn’t move but because her moron doctor wouldn’t give the go ahead then she had to wait till today to go to the ER. This morning, she couldn’t sit, she couldn’t stand up, she couldn’t do anything but try to lay perfectly still…..she couldn’t even sit in the car to try to get over to the hospital, my dad had to call an ambulance to get her. So they gave her a shot of something and a percoset and let her stew for a while then took her in for x-rays which were like torture because the pain meds hadn’t kicked in…..when the x-ray showed nothing, they gave her another shot of something stronger and told her to walk it off. Glad we pay them the big bucks…..
There is actually a lot going on that I just don’t particularly feel like writing about….I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t want to share or I just don’t want to think about it. I think it’s more the latter, though.
Thought for the day: Sometimes, it’s nice to be noticed πŸ™‚


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  1. Hiya πŸ™‚ Just popping in to see how goes it. I hope your mother is ok 😦
    Btw I looove that Nickelback song too, can’t get it out my head.

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