Star trekkin’ across the universe…

I am such a huuuuuuge geek πŸ™‚
Bill was laughing hysterically (over AIM) about the new PriceLine commercial and he told me about it. Feeling slightly jilted – and being the Star Trek Geek that I am – I resolved to watch as much TV as I have to until I see this commercial.
Then, while reading something Heather wrote in which she linked to a movie on IMDB, I noticed there at the top of the screen was an ad for the latest PriceLine commercial!!!

I said that it would be really funny if in the long one, they sit them both down and decide that it’s just not gonna work out and they bring in Patrick Stewart instead – lol πŸ™‚
Star trekkin’ across the universe…
Boldly going forward
Cuz we can’t find reverse…

I think it’s past my bedtime……


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  1. omg!! someone else that knows star trekkin’ *smooches* i actually have the mp3. *sigh* i am a nerd!

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