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Bang Box

I spent a while this afternoon going through the Bang Box. You may have heard me thalk about the Bang Box before. It’s where all the old pictures were kept when I was growing up…..old, old, old pictures. Needless to say, over the years, my mom has had started using more secure storage for the pictures but the Bang Box is still in one piece and is now stored with all the pictures inside it in a big plastic storage container.
Anyway, we’ve been talking lately about finally getting all the old good ones scanned before they all fade away….and my mom is trying to get rid of some of them by going through and giving them away to her brothers and sisters and to me and my sister. So every once in a while when I’m there, we go through the pictures a bit at a time and decide which ones we can give away, which ones we need to scan and which ones I can take home.
Today I came across a bunch of goodies……

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Sims stuff….

Needless to say, Ive been spending too much time playing the Sims in the past few days… addition to devising new and ingenious ways of torturing them, I’m realizing that the damn things do tend to mimic real life. I’m moody and withdrawn and don’t want to talk to anyone and Bill was found just a few minutes ago, cursing at the broken computer and trying in vain to repair it….so he can get his Galaxies fix for the day, no doubt……

I would really love to know just how this happened though…..

It’s tiiiiime :-)

Yes, it’s that time again…

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I treated myself this weekend……because I had some extra money and because I fucking well deserve it.
I was looking to buy myself the new Elton John Greatest Hits CD but I went to Target, K-mart and Tower Records and nobody had it….I was really surprised that Tower didn’t have it.
But I really wanted to get myself something… while I was at Tower, I was trying to remember some things that I had been thinking about getting lately and wound up getting myself the soundtracks for Jesus Christ Superstar (with Rik Mayall as Herod – lol!! 🙂 and Little Shop of Horrors…..yes, maybe it is an odd pair, but for some reason I had been thinking about them lately.
Then yesterday, I went into Sunsoast to pick up a Galaxies game card for Bill and saw the Little Shop of Horros DVD on the “employee picks” rack and just couldn’t resist.
I’m proud of myself….it’s very hard for me to buy things like books, music and movies or even clothes for myself. I usually wind up putting them back so that I can get something for Brittany or just hold onto the money…..just in case. But I have been working my ass off lately and I wanted to buy something for mememememememe.
Of course, I did get Brittany something though……Gymnastics Barbie. In my head, I justified it becase of Brittany being in gymnastics and all. You know.


I have a new computer – whoo-hoo!
Well, sort of new since I’ve had it set up for a week and have yet to have time to sit down and play with everything and import the mass of images and site files that I had stored on the old computer.
And sort of new in that it’s another hand-me-down from my father-in-law. Which I don’t mind at all because when he gets a new one, I get the old one and don’t have to pay for anything. He’s also pretty easy on a computer so even though this one is almost 2 years old, it’s just like new.
Before Bill brought it home last week, they wiped it clean and did a new re-install of WindowsXP on it for me so I have a nice new fresh computer to louse up now – wheeee!
Nah, I really need to try to keep this one in shape…towards the end there, I ws really worried that the last one would just disappear in a puf of smoke and all of our pictures from the last 2 years would be gone forever. But we saved them….took us about 4 hours to get all the pictures and then all of my web files off that computer, but we did it. Now all the pictures are on their own disc that is actually readable by this computer and all of my files are on another disc….I was quite surprised that we got them all onto only 2 discs, I thought they took up waaaaayyyyy more space than that.
I am excited to have a CD-rom that works again….the one in my other computer hadn’t worked in about 6 months, Christ only knows why. It opened one day and I couldn’t get it to close again after that….when we copied everything, we had to use a portable CDR drive that is now also hooked into this computer. For some reason, this computer only came with a standard CD-rom so they bought the portable writer to go with it.
I am in the middle of dowloading CuteFTP and PSP8 right now…..I guess Ill have to buy them at some point. On the other computer, whenever I wanted to use CuteFTP, I had to set the computer date to June of 2002, as you probably already know if you’ve gotten mail from me sometime in the past 2 years. And the version of PSP7 I had was full version that I got somewhere but don’t remember where and I can’t find it anymore. Since we haven’t wiped my old computer yet, I can probably get into it and get the full version off there still….
I’m still not sure just what I feel like doing today….part of me just wants to stay here and catch up on everything I’ve been neglecting all week. But it is a truly gorgeous day today, so it would be nice to get out somewhere and let Brittany run around for a bit.
I guess I’ll see….

Days Like This

Okay….it’s days like this I really wish that Bill’s stupid laptop would work and stop crashing every friggin’ five minutes.
I’m home with Brittany today….she has a cough and a fever again. Kept her home yesterday, too…..since Bill is up the mountains, I had to stay home. And now I’m starting to get whatever she has I think. My throat hurts and every time I stand up I get dizzy and nauseaus and clammy all over…no fever for me yet, though….I don’t usually get them anyway.
Since I just wanted to let her sleep, I got up and called work and her school to let them know we’d be hanging out here today and then I sat down here to find something to do that wouldn’t be too strenuous. And now I find myself with a few new skins….

Happy Valentine;s Day 😉

Joe Elliott (of Def Leppard)

I Want To Break Free

I figured I needed something for Valentine’s Day and then I wanted something sexy and something silly….so there you have it 🙂
Now I’m gonna see if I can’t scrounge up some change to get a latte before I die…..