I treated myself this weekend……because I had some extra money and because I fucking well deserve it.
I was looking to buy myself the new Elton John Greatest Hits CD but I went to Target, K-mart and Tower Records and nobody had it….I was really surprised that Tower didn’t have it.
But I really wanted to get myself something…..so while I was at Tower, I was trying to remember some things that I had been thinking about getting lately and wound up getting myself the soundtracks for Jesus Christ Superstar (with Rik Mayall as Herod – lol!! 🙂 and Little Shop of Horrors…..yes, maybe it is an odd pair, but for some reason I had been thinking about them lately.
Then yesterday, I went into Sunsoast to pick up a Galaxies game card for Bill and saw the Little Shop of Horros DVD on the “employee picks” rack and just couldn’t resist.
I’m proud of myself….it’s very hard for me to buy things like books, music and movies or even clothes for myself. I usually wind up putting them back so that I can get something for Brittany or just hold onto the money…..just in case. But I have been working my ass off lately and I wanted to buy something for mememememememe.
Of course, I did get Brittany something though……Gymnastics Barbie. In my head, I justified it becase of Brittany being in gymnastics and all. You know.


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  1. the JCSuperstar CD set is one of the best purchases ever. It may cost ya 30 bucks, but it’ll last you forever. Long live Ian Gilliam and Murray Head (who never can quite seem to find the note he’s looking for)

  2. rik mayall? as in drop dead fred? lol i often wondered what he was doing.
    surprised you couldn’t find elton. that’s just odd. no best buy nearby huh?
    **don’t know what happened so if this double posts sorry**

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