Do I live in Area 51??

My Sims are pretty freakin’ strange. I think Brittany was abducted by aliens.
Before I went to bed last night, I sent my Bill sim off to work (graveyard shift) and put my Heather and Brittany sims to bed. Then I went to the bathroom, came back and minimized the game before getting into bed. Tonight when I checked in, it was of course just about the time I stopeed the game…Bill was still at work and Heather was still sleeping but Brittany appeared to be awake and checking out the telescope. I tried to put her to bed but she was gone…..just gone.
Bill got home just about the time Heather was waking up and they both went right out to the balcony (where the telescope is) and started that pathetic Sim-cry….but I still don’t know what happened!!
Finally, about an hour later (sim time), Brittany just appeared on the balcony with a little alien in her thought bubble and went right to bed.


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  1. I haven’t had any of my Sims abducted yet, but looking through the telescope is what does it!

  2. I’ve had them abducted – if she came back talking about aliens, that’s what happened! She’ll probably talk about little else … ever. Hee.
    Everyone else’s sim houses always look so much prettier than mine do. I’d be a bad decorator, apparently. Or maybe it’s the architecture ….

  3. I did figure it had to be the telescope….I mean I keep it around because it’s a good thing to have if she misses a day of school – that way she can do something other than just study at the computer to bring up her grade. I have noticed lately that she tends to go over there on her own more often and the last time she was there, she was laughing her butt off – lol 🙂
    And yup….seems to be all she wants to talk about anymore is aliens :- And it’s really getting on my SimsHeather’s nerves….then again, there doesn’t seem to be much that doesn’t get on SimHeather’s nerves….she doesn’t like anyone. I think I need to lock her in a closet or something……actually, I was going to sell the telescope, but I may keep it around and see if I can get her to be abducted. 😉
    Oh, and the only reason I have a huge, beautifully decorated SimHouse is because I totally abuse my money cheat 😉

  4. I used to be a Sims-a-holic… until i went to rehab… What happened was your sim was abducted by aliens… if you notice their personality points should be switch to the opposite now also. It’s a really kool part of the game.

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