Monthly Archives: April 2004

School Pics :-)

Brittany’s new school pictures came in today – whoo-hoo 🙂
What a difference from last year….


It’s 50degrees out and there are once again thunderstorms predicted for tonight…..why-o-why is my child praying for snow?
My nephew started it while we were out, he swears up and down it’s gonna snow tomorrow. My sister said he does that every once in a while….tries to give himself a snow day and then gets mad when there’s no snow the next day.
Now I just walked past Brittany’s room and she goes “When I go to bed, I’m going to say ‘Dear God, please give us some snow so we can have a snowball fight with Meema….'”

I have seen the writing on the walk…

Hey, Sphinx – I’m beginning to see a pattern emerging….even if it’s a little soon to be called a pattern 🙂

This one worries me a bit actually. It doesn’t appear to be the same writing, if one can make that statement about writing in chalk….so I can only assume it’s just another fuckhead in the world with not enough to occupy his mind….

A Flippy Summer Do….

Guess who got a hair cut?
I underestimated just how thick Brittany’s hair is now….with it being so long, it was weighed down a bit, I suppose. I cut it so that it should have com up to just above her shoulders, but with all the extra thickness this time around, it came up a little closer to her chin… looks really cute 🙂

Silver :-)

Check out my champ – second place in her age group 😉

A fair day….

I’m in a mood.
I don’t give a shit what some people have to say about it, I felt like making myself a nifty ST skin today….and when I’m in a skinnin’ mood, I just have to do it regardless of when I last posted an entry. If you are observant, you will of course know immediately that it’s not the Enterprise depicted above, but I don’t give a hell cuz I thought it was a nifty picture 🙂
Speaking of entries….I actually have a written journal entry – yes, hand-written! – all scanned and ready to go but I’m going back and forth between password protecting my journal and keeping it the way it is.
Part of me thinks that my updates have been so few and far between lately because I know certain people are reading and reporting on what I write…..makes me a little wary of talking about certain things. Another part of me thinks I’m just lazy 😉
I may decide what to do tonight…..or not.

Boys of Summer, my ass…

At least today you won’t convince me of that….
Bill and I are on our way to the very first Phillies game at the new ballpark (I refuse to use the name because next week it will be something different.) This isn’t exactly baseball weather for me….
I appreciate the fact that it’s pretty grey and dismal because I really hate sitting out in the sun, but it’s freakin’ cold out today……not supposed to get about 55 and that’s the high estimate.
Ah, well… least we get to see the new place before it’s as cruddy as the Vet.

Home Again

Well, I’m home again. I wound up being stuck at home yesterday because my car is fuckerd…..and here I am again. I wish I could say that I just decided to stay home because it’s Brittany’s birthday today, but that just isn’t the case.
On the way home on Tuesday, I got most of the way here – just past the Allegheny Ave. exit off 95 – and my car started shuddering. It wouldn’t accelerate when I put the gas on and all of the electrics started blinking, even stuff that wasn’t on when the problem started. It was raining a bit and I had to turn on the wipers for a sec to clear the windshield and they really just crawled across the glass.
I had put a full $10 worth of gas in that morning and 2 quarts of oil so I know it wasn’t out of gas….fortunately, it wasn’t as crowded as it could have been so I put on my flashers that didn’t want to flash and got over in the far right lane until I could get into the disabled lane….somehow, I was able to coast up to the emergency pull-off that is under the Betsy Ross Bridge ramp. The car was still shuddering so I turned it off….it wouldn’t start again. All the electrics came on when I turned the key, but it wouldn’t turn over.
I called Bill and he came over and jumped the car. He pulled onto the ramp in front of me and I just couldn’t make it…’s a bit of an incline to get onto the ramp and as soon as I hit it, the car shuddered and died again. Bill came back around and jumped it again but it just did the same thing. Just then, a PennDOT tow truck pulled in and we had him tow us to Danny’s and we left it there overnight.
Yesterday, I stayed home hoping they’d get it done early and I could head into work when it was done…..they did fairly well and called around 11:30 to let me know it was ready, but my day is mostly done by then so I just picked it up and came back home. He had replaced the battery and the terminals for it.
It started right up as soon as I got in….I stopped at 7-11 to get a soda, turned the car off and it started right up again. I went to get my mom from work (her last day, she’s officially retired now) and then got Brittany from school….I wanted to use my mom’s kitchen to make cupcakes for Brittany’s birthday because I wanted her to help and we just don’t have room in my kitchen. So we all went up, had dinner, made cupcakes and had a ball.
My mom and dad had said they would keep Brittany overnight last night so that bill and I could take the crib apart and set up her new bed and have her be surprised when she gets in from school today. So I left their house on my own around 7:00….got around the corner to Frankford and Pennypack and the car shuddered and died.
My dad came around and we pushed my car so that it was parked against the curb and then he drove me home. this morning, I went back around to Danny’s and dropped they keys in the slot with a note saying ‘hey, fuckhead…you were wrong, now go pick up my car’…..or something to that effect.
My note said where the car was but I called when they opened and gave them more a more explicit location. Danny went up and got it and now I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs anticipating a $300 bill for an alternator or some other stupid shit…..I just don’t have it :-
I feel terrible bitching about this on Brittany’s birthday when I should be revelling in the day…..I’m just so…….something…..