Boys of Summer, my ass…

At least today you won’t convince me of that….
Bill and I are on our way to the very first Phillies game at the new ballpark (I refuse to use the name because next week it will be something different.) This isn’t exactly baseball weather for me….
I appreciate the fact that it’s pretty grey and dismal because I really hate sitting out in the sun, but it’s freakin’ cold out today……not supposed to get about 55 and that’s the high estimate.
Ah, well… least we get to see the new place before it’s as cruddy as the Vet.


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  1. Nice new stadium huh? I can’t say I’m excited to go, I have season tickets, but I’m sure it’s not going to be like the Vet. Nothing better than sitting in the 700 level on a nice night. I know the Vet was ugly and plain, but aren’t the Phillies?
    What did you think of the new place?

  2. Look at me! I am cool because I post every couple of weeks. What a sheek and sassy blog!
    Now if you wille xcuse me, I am going to stare at a blank canvas and admire it as a contemporary masterpiece of artwork.

  3. Let me ask you something….are you paying for the webspace that hosts this site? the domain name? No? Okay, well, then are you paying me to provide you with consistant updates? No again….hmmm…interesting.
    Hate to break it to you, pal, but unlike some other people I know, I have a life away from this computer and right now it needs a little attention….so you can go jerk off on your blank canvas, I don’t give a flyin’ fuck who you are.

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