MGK has been running a contest all week – “We Will Rock You”. It’s a Queen trivia contest. On Monday morning, as soon as I heard that they were doing this, I got all excited – you won’t find anybody that knows more about Queen than I do πŸ™‚
All I really had to hear was “Queen Prize Pack”… idea what’s really in it except a hat and a shirt from their new show. And on Monday (6/28) they will be drawing the name of one of the five winners from the week to go see the show in Las Vegas.
So I tried to get through all freakin’ week. And I was getting really annoyed about it by Wednesday. The way they were working the contest is you have to bid on how many Queen questions you can answer….first person says 3, other person bids 4 or whatever….the most you can do is 5. And as soon as you get one of the questions wrong, the other person wins automatically.
The first chick on Monday bid 5 and lost on the last question….at least she knew the answer to 4, I guess. But since she didn’t get the last one, the other guy won. Tuesday and Wednesday, they got people saying they could answer two, and the other person would let them do it, then they’d get it wrong on the first question… all these fuckheads are winning and they probably don’t know jack about Queen!
Finally, on Thursday, I got through!! They let the other chick bid first….she said 3. I said I can do 4. John DeBella asked her if she wanted to go for 5 and she said yeah. The first question was “What was the first song that Queen released under the name Queen without Freddie Mercury?” and he gave her a multiple choice…..”These Are The Days Of Our Lives”, “No One But You”, “Headlong”, and “Breakthru”.
She hesitated and I was sitting in the cutting room trying not to scream out “You dumb bitch, it’s ‘No One But You’!!!!!”
She finally answered. “Uhhhhh, the first one?” So John DeBella goes “Ooooh, an obvious guess on your part…No, it’s…” and I said “‘No One But You’, I love that song!!” He laughed and said that I was probably sitting there trying not to scream at him to just tell her she was wrong…..
So I won! It would have been much cooler if I had had the chance to answer the questions and won – he didn’t ask a single one all week that I didn’t know the answer to – I didn’t think the chick would go to 5…..But I freakin’ won, people!!!
After they recorded everything, they got my information – wished me happy belated birthday and was quite surprised that I’m only 27 – and he told me everything that’s in the prize pack… I said, I got the general idea of the prize, but sometimes it’s hard to hear details in the lab. What I didn’t know, is that I also get this – I have been waiting for an excuse to buy this for myself for a couple of years and I almost hit the floor when he told me it was in the prize pack πŸ™‚
So, now I’m in the running for the thing to go to Vegas and there is a 1 in 5 chance that I’ll win that. Bill said they need to ask a couple more questions when they pick the name and if they can’t answer them all, they should pick another…..even he knows I am the queen of Queen πŸ™‚
But I’m not stressing it…..I mean we’ve had some luck lately, but I never get picked in lottery type things. But I am so excited with the prize pack now that it doesn’t really matter….we were planning on seeing the show when we go to Vegas this year anyway, it’d be cool to go for free, but I’m totally happy with what I got πŸ™‚
See……sometimes, things go well for me πŸ™‚


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