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Too cool!!! Little Shop of Horrors is going to be at the Merriam early next year!
My mom took me to see that when I was about 10 because I was so nuts about the movie – it was awesome! We had front row seats and Levi Stubbs was the voice of Audrey II 🙂
Now Brittany loves the movie….all this week, she’s been asking to hear that CD when we’re in the car – lol! I would really like to take her to see it live, I think she’d get a huge kick out of that….
Feed me, Seymour…..

Candle fixation….

Bored with fruity candles? I have just the thing 😉
A friend of mine mentioned a site yesterday and the name just got my attention immediately – Now you know I have this sick candle fixation as it is…..every time someone is selling PartyLite I could friggin’ go broke on just the candles alone. But really… summer wanes and the days grow cooler and shorter……the honeydew tulip jar just seems out of place.
See, I’m not real big on flowery scents at all. Never have been. I like the fruit and spice scented candles….and the ones that smell so much like baked goods, you could just pick up a spoon and dig in 🙂 So come fall and winter, I dig out my pumpkin spice and mint chocolate cookie……..much as I love them, I think I need to change it up a bit especially around Halloween and they have some perfect scents for just that.
Dude….just check out the scent list. Forbidden Fruit, Leather, Clove…..the Werewolf Collection looks pretty neat. I think I’m going to order that and the Temptress Pack 😉
Thanks for the link……”babycakes” 😀

Movin’ it….

I’ve been working on my room lately.
A lot.
I have a gazillion clothes that I no longer wear or just don’t fit or I just plain don’t like – 3 freakin’ bagfuls of clothes!
And then there is all the stuff…..all the crap that has just been accumulating because I “might need it” someday. Right. Boxes of stuff in the closet that I don’t need, 2 old computer cases and an old scanner in the corner…..and for some reason, when I cleaned out this old hope chest before, I took everything out and put it all aside. What the fuck for, I just don’t know…..and then just more stuff that I don’t want anymore. 3 bagfuls of all that mess…..not counting the 2 I put out the other night.
I was trying to be selective about what I toss….figuring I’ll take some of it over to the Salvation Army. But dude…..seriously, if I keep it around long enough to get5 it to the Salvation Army, it’ll sit here another 6 months. I mean, there are some big things that I’ll take over there – like the two dressers – but I’m not sitting and going through every damn little thing to see if it might be useful to someone.
Sorry. My generous spirit only goes so far.
So now that I have lots and lots of room in my closet, I’m going to paint it. There is no light in there, but I’m sure I can put one in. And I’m thinking I might paint it a nice purple…..I’m thinking the whole room needs to be purple-ish, actually. Have the whole room just lookin’ like a big bruise…….
No, seriously….I want purple in here. I think what I may wind up doing is painting the one wall a deep purple. This wall is just on the left when you walk in the room and it’s the one with the closet on it and there is a little alcove. Once I paint it, I’m going to put my bed in the alcove.
So I’d have this nice deep purple on the one wall and trim it in either a lighter purple or cream and make the inside of the closet the same color as that trim…..I’m really leaning towards another purple, though.
By the weekend, iI hope to have at least one of the dressers – the big one – out of here so I can bring up the good computer desk and move all this stuff……right now, my desk is one of those stupid fold-up jobs and it’s seriously starting to sag in the middle. Hey, it’s had a good life here….I do have a new desk that I got at Ames before they went out of business and it’s just kinda been sitting and waiting for me to do something with it….I think I may just wind up putting it in Brittany’s room when I set up my old computer for her. I like big desks and that one is a little more compact.
I also want to get my old dresser and night tables up here. I love my dresser 🙂 It’s very ornate, the drawers are just the right size and they still have my Gucci drawer liners in them that I can’t find anywhere anymore, and it’s a good height off the ground….just enough room under it to store picture boxes, shoe boxes, etc. Of course, you can guess what color I’ll be painting those……
I just have to figure out where I’m going to put Reggie now. I was debating moving him downstairs but the AC down there keeps it quite cool (67, I think it was last time I went past)….the one up here at least manages to keep it comfortable enough for me to sleep. He’s got a heater in his tank but he’s got to have a spot that’s at least 80degrees and I just don’t think it’d make it down there. Maybe I’ll run over to worldwide and see if I can get a tank stand for a 20 gallon long.
All right……
That’s enough babbling for now…..maybe when I’m out tomorrow I’ll stop past the Home Despot and pick up some purple swatches 😉


Incidentally, today was Roger Taylor‘s birthday.
Just thought you’d like to know….ya know?
Every freakin’ time I wrote the date today, I thought about that…..and I cut 67 slides today…..that means I wrote the date at least 67 freakin’ times.
I need to get some sleep :-p

I’m *tryin’* to tell you about my feet!

Okay…so here’s the latest.
I hurt my foot. Fascinating, right? We took Brittany and my nephew to Pennypack Park for a bit yesterday (and vowed never to do it again)….while we were there, the kids just had to get in the water and splash around a bit, throw stones and all but there is still a pretty good current in the middle of the creek from all the rain we’ve been having. So I climbed in to be able to grab them if they headed out too far or anything. *Note: We all had our shoes on.
My nephew was content to sit on a rock and kick at the water so Brittany and I were walking along the bank looking for good throwing stones 🙂 As we were walking along, I wound up stepping on a loose rock in the water and twisted my ankle pretty good….nothing new there. My ankles have been twisted and broken and sprained so many times I hardly feel it anymore. So I shook it off and kept on walking around with Brittany.
After we left there, we went shopping a bit and then to a decent playground and back to my parents house. No problems with my foot and I didn’t give it another thought.
When we got home yesterday, I was running up and down the stairs, doing wash and other junk…..I’m trying to get rid of alot of old clothes and other crap that’s in my room that I don’t wear or just have no use for – the Salvation Army is gonna love me this weekend. All the while Brittany was playing on my computer here.
I finally got doneeverything I wanted to do and sat down on the bed. While we were out, I had picked up some new artificial flowers and sat down to put a late summer bunch together in my big vase….purple, of course, with grapes and everything 😉
I finished up and packed up all the flower scraps and got up to put them away….but when I stood up, I couldn’t put any weight on my left foot. I had been sitting on the bed with it tucked under me and just thought I had been sitting like that too long….so I got Brittany ready for bed, read a story and everything and all the while I was aware of my foot throbbing.
When I went downstairs and sat on the couch, I couldn’t even move my toes, the damn thing hurt so bad….but I settled in to watch Dead Like Me. And the pain was gradually getting worse….finally about halfway through the show, I remembered that I had slipped and twisted that foot in the creek earlier – duh, me :-p
I hobbled back up the stairs at 11 to go to bed and took an anti-inflammatory and went to bed saying that if it felt the same in the morning, I’d have to go over to the hospital.
Well, It still hurt when I got up, but definitely not as bad. I took another pill, put on my boots instead of my sandals and went to work. Dude, today is the first day of Weavie Wonder’s 2 week vacation – I wasn’t about to miss that…..
Anyway, it was okay all day and tonight after dinner, we all went over the pool….of course after we got out of the pool, it hurt like a bitch. I’d rather not take another pill, though….just let it hurt, so I know what it’s doing.
Okay…enough about my feet for now, I guess……you know I like to write about this stupid shit sometimes so I remember when it happened 🙂

Saturn, Eh?

So we were up my parents house the other day (yes, I’m getting lazy about uploading pictures again – kiss my ass)…..anyway, Brittany was running around the back yard with a beach ball in one hand and a hula hoop tucked under her arm so that my nephew wouldn’t steal it off her before she figured out something to do with it, I’m sure…….
I said to her “Brittany, come here…you can prop the hoop against the chair and toss the ball through it….” She runs back down the hill saying “No, I want to show you something first.”
She plopped the ball down on the ground and held the hula hoop around it….she looked at me and said “Look, Mama! It’s Saturn!” I managed to hold myself up long enough to snap this picture then I had to sit down and hold my head for a few minutes…….

So Long, Old Friend

I opened a new bank account yesterday. To my amazement, they handed me my new ATM/Visa Check Card immediately….but told me that the money I deposited wouldn’t be available until Tuesday. Whatever.
Just for the hell of it, I called today to check my balance and found that every cent of the money I put in yesterday was available…..and I had a nice shiny new Check Card just begging to be used.
In reality, I did need some things so I went around to K-mart. And in addition to the things I needed got myself this John Lennon CD that I’ve wanted and this Garfield DVD that I just had to have when I saw it on the shelf.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take into account the fact that I am still easily upset. The first episode of Garfield has the song “So Long, Old Friend” in it…..that damn song makes me cry on a normal day and now I’m sitting here blubbering like an idiot again.

So long old friend
I wish that I could see you once again
I never knew
The time would come when I’d be losing you
I hope you know I never meant to treat you badly
And now I know just what a friend like you is for
I never thought that it would end so sadly
And you’d be walking through that door.
So long old friend
I wish that I could see you once again
I never knew
The time would come when I’d be losing you
I always thought our fun and games would just go on and on…
I never knew I’d have to say
So long…..

I miss my Dominic 😦

Let It Be

Let It Be….

Big Sweetheart Puss

God, let me be wrong.


Brittany on the gigantic ferris wheel on Mariner's Landing
We had such a good time yesterday!
Just me and Brittany all up and down the boardwalk and getting on every single ride they would let her on….several times – lol 🙂
It was a good walk for her and I really expected her to fall asleep as soon as we got back in the car….we got down there about 2:30 and were going constantly until 8. She was a little disappointed that we didn’t go to the beach but it’s about a two mile walk from the boardwalk to the water….well, at least it feels that way, walking on the sand and all….it’s far, though. But the next time we go down to stay for the weekend (sometime in August) we’ll hit the beach.
But we both had fun and we’ve each got a little sunburn to prove it 😉
Brittany heading back up the boardwalk towards Morey's Pier for more rides...