One Track Mind

So….yeah, I started another blog. I know what you’re all thinking – why do that, when I can’t update here? Well, I’m hoping it’ll give me a little push….in more ways than one.
I’ve got a sort of one track mind lately and it’s making it difficult to concentrate on….anything really.
I’m getting a little nervous about this Queen trip because of the dates. Yeah, the chick originally told me that we would probably be able to go anytime in the next year….which would have been cool, because we were gonna go in October anyway. When she finally called me back, she said that we have to go between August 16th and September 8th. I can’t get any freakin’ days off during that time because everybody else in the lab already has days off then. And, like I have tried to explain to Bill a hundred and fifty thousand times – if someone else in the lab is off, we cannot take a day off! According to the university, we are essential personell and vacation time may not be approved for two people on the same day.
Would it look funny if I called out sick? Yeah, that’s a Weavie Wonder maneuver and I can’t stoop that low.
We’ll work something out…..the way it looks is that Audrey may be able to cut her vacation short by one day and we’d be able to leave on September 4th.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
In any case, I have to go to the radio station tomorrow to sign the release forms and pick up my prize pack, finally – I cannot wait to get this damn prize pack!!!!
Now, I just need to get Bill to put the CD player in my car and I’ll be all Queen for months 😉


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