Prize Pack

I went out to pick up my prize pack from MGK yesterday…
First of all, I have been out to City Line Ave twice in my life that I know of….once when we went to Hershey Park – I have no idea why my mom went that way but she did. And for my senior prom at the Adam’s Mark…and that was in February so it was quite dark by the time we got out there.
I have never driven out there.
I had pretty good directions for getting out there, though. It was finding the building once I got there that I was worried about. But that turned out to be not so bad. I got off 76 and right onto City Line…drove past Channel 6 and saw signs for parking for One and Two Bala Plaza….I had to go to One. So I pulled into the lot.
And all I see is Two building…..where the fuck is One?
When I got out of the car, I asked someone in the lot and they didn’t know, so I went over to Two building and asked someone in there. She took me back outside and showed me One building. Aaaaaaall the way on the other side of the lot and across the street.
So I just got my walk on…..activity points for the day.
Anyway, I got my shirt and my hat….they lied to me about the CDs, though. Dude plainly said on the phone that it was the Crown Jewels Box Set….I even said back to him “Crown Jewels are you serious?!?!” and he said yes. it was in fact The Platinum Collection. I asked the production manager about it and he just said no, it’s this one. It’s still cool, but dude, make sure your interns know what prize you’re giving out. My dad suggested that maybe that was for the second place winners and since I got the grand prize trip, I got this or something…..
It’s okay….I’m happy 🙂
I also signed all the waivers and crap for the trip. Now I have to wait for the travel angency to contact me about setting up the dates and all. It’s going to be Labor Day weekend….the only time Bill and I can take any time off until October.
So I’m sitting here wearing my new We Will Rock You shirt and listening to my new CD set getting ready to go downstairs for my skinny Cow… is good 😀


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