Feels Good….

Here I am…..sitting on my ass in front of the computer on a Thursday morning trying to decide what I want for breakfast. And not because I’m sick….not because Brittany is sick. Oh, no……because I literally have a dozen vacation days on the books and decided that I’m going to take a couple of them, dammit!
So I’m off today and tomorrow 🙂
Since I have to pay Brittany’s tuition this week, I didn’t plan on going away anywhere for this week. But I also took off three days in August and I am planning on going down the shore then 😉
What’s on the agenda you ask?
Well, I was thinking about taking Brittany down to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and everything but with all the new security crap down there it’s nearly a three hour wait to get in to see the bell…..I cannot wait in line for three hours with Brittany. Not to mention the fact that I really don’t like walking around in the city in the summer. Mind you it hasn’t been too bad the past few days, just humid…..there are just too many people around :-p So I’m thinking I’ll take a couple days in January for us to do those things.
So today, I’m going to take Brittany out for a little while this morning and let her go roller skating. My mom is picking my nephew up from school at 12:30 and I thought if it’s not raining by then we could pack up a basket and go over the hatcheries for lunch.
And we are all going bowling this afternoon!! Brittany went bowling with her class last week….unfortunately, I couldn’t get that day off 😦 But all she’s been talking about since is bowlling. Hey, I’m not going to complain, I love bowling.
It is supposed to rain again today…..and tomorrow. If it rains tomorrow and we haven’t all been washed away in the flood, my parents and I may rent a mini-van and take Brittany and my nephew down to the aquarium in Baltimore….it’s a possibility. Depends on how rammy my nephew is tomorrow and whether or not we think he’d sit in the car for two and a half hours…..so we’ll see.


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