Brittany on the gigantic ferris wheel on Mariner's Landing
We had such a good time yesterday!
Just me and Brittany all up and down the boardwalk and getting on every single ride they would let her on….several times – lol 🙂
It was a good walk for her and I really expected her to fall asleep as soon as we got back in the car….we got down there about 2:30 and were going constantly until 8. She was a little disappointed that we didn’t go to the beach but it’s about a two mile walk from the boardwalk to the water….well, at least it feels that way, walking on the sand and all….it’s far, though. But the next time we go down to stay for the weekend (sometime in August) we’ll hit the beach.
But we both had fun and we’ve each got a little sunburn to prove it 😉
Brittany heading back up the boardwalk towards Morey's Pier for more rides...


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