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Yeah, so….

… I was saying…..I’m hooked. And all I have to say is…..SWEEEEEEET!!!!!
Yeah, this makes me entirely too happy….get over it :-p

Crap e-mail

Okay, you know I’m not a big schill or anything….but you get enough crap in your inbox, why not get paid for reading it?
I know whay you’re thinking, cuz I thunk it, too….what a bunch of bull, right? It seriously works, though…..I signed up for the damn thing last night and I already have more than $12 in my account – yeah, you get $5 just for signing up, but still……
Just to be sure that I get everything they want me to read, I set up a completely different e-mail address (and Outlook identity) so nothing gets lost in the shuffle of my regular inbox…..anyway, it’s interesting. If you have like 5 extra minutes, check it out 😉

Oh, my achin’ everything…..

So, I’m a glutton for punishment.
After beating the hell out of myself yesterday moving all the crap in my room around, I decided to go swimming for four hours after work today. Yes, I’m one wave short of a shipwreck…
I was achy all day, too, and on the way up to my parents house, I nearly turned around and called to tell them I was just too sore to swim. But I haven’t been swimming in about a week because of the lousy weather we’ve been having…..even on the days it didn’t rain, it was threatening enough for me to think that I’d get in the pool and the sky would just open up and they’d kick everyone out. Now there is more coming so I don’t know when I’ll get a chance again and they close the damn pool on Labor Day weekend…..
So anyway, I went swimming. And I know everone was looking at me funny with all the damn bruises on my legs and arms…..
My nephew is actually jumping off the side now 🙂 At the beginning of the summer, he wouldn’t even think about it, then about a month ago, he started rolling into the pool….he’d get down on his hands and knees on the side and sort of fall in back first. But tonight, he finally jumped. Annd we couldn’t stop him. He and my mom were already there when Brittany and I got there and he was jumping then….as soon as he saw me, he wanted to go off the diving board. But my mom had only had him jumping in 5 foot.
So before I would let him jump off the diving board, I told him he’d have to jump off the side into the ten foot, so I couldn be sure he’d be able to kick back up. He wouldn’t do it until I did – I prefer jumping right into the deep end anyway, get the initial cold shock over with instead of eeking my way down the steps in the shallow end. I jumped in and then so did he….and he didreally well as a matter of fact 🙂 So after a couple times jumping like that, I said it was okay for him to go off the board and asked the lifeguard if it was okay for me to stay near the board whilehe went off.
I hung out near the wall as he inched his way onto the diving board, but he never made it past the railings that line the first 4 feet of it. A couple of times, he got out and worked up the courage to get on the board, but he never went past the end of the railings, even when I stood right next to the board and held his hand.
We’ll work on it…..and hopefully come next summer, he’ll still remember that he can do it 🙂
Anyway, I’m sore all over and Brittany suckered my mom into letting her sleepover again so I’m gonna read my new Michael Connelly book and try to get to bed a little early….I’d like to get into work around 6:30 if I can….


Okay….so I’m having some issues with my archives pages…..all around. No idea what it is and I don’t feel like fartin’ around with it any more tonight. At first, I thought it was a css problem and tried about a million different things to get it to come up, but it still wants to be a bitch. Now they are completely fuckered and I don’t really care right about now because after being off for five days and going back to work tomorrow, it’s really the least of my worries… sentences concern me, though….must be time for bed.
Oh, and as a further note to my damage, when I got changed to get a shower, I found about 15 bruises on my legs….a couple on my shins and knees, but also a surprising amount on my thighs….and the ones on the thighs aren’t just a bruise here and there, there are like serial bruises indicating where things slid down or across while I was rearranging.
I really need to learn to do this crap when someone is around to help :-

Dead Like Me

Is anyone else hooked on Dead Like Me? I simply cannot get enough of this show!
I remember seeing ads for the show before the first season started last year but never remembered when it was on….so towards the end of the season, I started watching them “OnDemand” (one thing about Comcast that I actually do like) and I’ve been watching them ever since…..gritting my teeth waiting for the second season to start.
Of course, as soon as the second season started (about a month ago), they took all the first season shows off the OnDemand menu and are replacing them with the new ones….I meant to tape all the first season shows, but didn’t think they would have taken them off so soon :-
As it is, I’m re-playing the second season shows whenever there’s nothing to watch….which seems to be pretty frequently and I’m sure now that the Olympics are on, I’ll be watching them alot for the next couple of weeks.
I’m just totally hooked…..Rube is just too cool and Mason completely cracks me up. George concerns me now and then, but I think she’s gradually coming around, understanding a little more at every turn. Daisy, I wasn’t too sure about when she first joined the team….she just seemed way too flaky for me to ever get into her character, but she’s also coming around a bit, fleshing out a little. And Roxy is just….Roxy. Took me about three shows to realize who she was 🙂
Anyway….my new crack. So If your wondering where I am at 10 on Sundays, that’s you answer 😉


Okay, so I’ve managed to do some significant damage to myself so far today…..not a good day without a bump or two, right?
I decided to take it “easy” on the last day of my five day weekend…..we had been running around all over the place but today, I just wanted to hang out around the house and get a few “little” things done. Then I got ambitious.
I thought it’d be a good day to get rid of one of the dressers in the bedroom, move in another computer desk and get rid of the crappy one I had been using. Doesn’t sound too hard, right? Yeah, well bear in mind that I’m doing it all myself…..
The dresser is one of those 6 drawer jobs….about 5 feet long, 3 feet high, you know what I mean. So I took all the drawers out and stacked them in the bathtub for now and started getting the dresser itself out of my room. I walked it down the hallway but couldn’t make the turn with it at the end of the hall. So I hoisted it up onto the bannister….the thing is really not all that heavy without the drawers, and it doesn’t have a solid bottom – probably only about 60 pounds or so – so this wasn’t such a big deal. I lifted it off the bannister and sat it down on the third step from the top.
And that’s when I lost it. It was actually sitting there fine, but as I situated myself to slide it down the steps, it decided that it wanted to the easy way and just roll the rest of the way down the steps….and I was fairly certain it was going to take me with it.

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I miss knitting….

I miss knitting……I had been going along pretty well, then I finished a few things and let it go :-
I miss it.
So, I’ve been sitting here poking around a bit looking to see if I can find any projects that’d light a fire under my ass again……this one just cracked me up 🙂 I think it’d be so fun to try that…..$36.
I just might give it a shot 😉

pM hacks?

Does anyone know where I can find some interesting pM hacks and plug-ins? I know that the last time I was using it for the blog, I had a few neat-o things to use, but I could only find one when I went searching and that’s just the “Top Ten” hack for members….
Too bad I’m such a cheap ass….EE has a special site just for plug-ins 😦
I also need to find out how to set up a “Related Entries” thing-a-ma-jigger that will give me random entries and not just alphabetical….back to the forum I go…….

Going around….

Funky dreams must be going around….Brittany stayed at my mom and dad’s house last night and had a nightmare. She dreamed that she jumped in the deep end of their pool and “drownded”….I asked her “Didn’t you have your floaty things on?” she said no. “Wasn’t anyone there with you to help you out?”….”No, Mama, but it’s okay….it was just a nightmare.”
Geez, Mama, get over it….I know it was a dream – pfft!
Of course, as she was falling asleep a little while ago, she suggested that the next time she sleeps over at my parents house, I should bring her dream catcher up for her to have with her. The last time she had a bad dream here, I hung a dream catcher over the bed and explained what it was…..she hasn’t had any bad dreams (here) since then :-

That’s enough…

Okay. So here it is. I went ahead and set up pM here at least… I get this blog situated, I have to do the babyblog but that’s going to take a little more work because I want the whole thing password protected, pretty much the same way I have the journal set up.
Oh, and even if you are registered for the journal, you will have to re-register here. They are two completely seperate installations of pM because there are a few people in the world that I really don’t want reading my journal and the only way I could be sure of who could get into what was just to keep the whole thing seperate.
Needless to say, everything is not the way I want it to be just yet….some things need a little tweak and others need to be beat with a stick, but I really wanted to get it started and I’ll deal with the rest in bits and pieces. I’ve got a few leads on how to make my skins work but until I get to sit down and have a good look at the stuff, you’ll all just have to deal with this skin :-p
For now…..I’m going the hell to bed. Everything else can wait until morning….