Pool Party!!

I had such a good time last night πŸ™‚ There was this huge luau-themed bash at the pool and it was just a ton of fun.
I spent a good part of the day early on running here and there for my mom to help her get things together for the party – my mom is on the swim club committee….she pretty much had everything together, but I had to run to about 4 different dollar stores looking for clear celophane to wrap up the basket she made to raffle off and then to The Dining Car to pick up a carrot cake – their carrot cake is awesome (no, I didn’t have any!) and they have an apple walnut pie that is to d-i-e for, but we thought it’d be to hot to have that sitting around.
(Side Note*: My parents get a certain amout of points for each activity they are involved with and with things like this, you can score a few extra points by making up baskets and bringing a cake and volunteering to set up and everything like that. Dude, for all the times I help out, I should be racking up points towards when I put in to live there!)

Anyway, the shin-dig started around 5:30…everyone was allowed in the pool area then, but no-one could get in the pool until 6. My aunt came up and brought a couple of my cousins and their kids….and the kids kids (remember folks, most of my cousins are old enough to be my parents so their kids are pretty close to my age πŸ˜‰
Brittany jumping into the pool and me waiting to catch her....and her blow-up fish.  And yes, I always wear a shirt in the pool....nothing to hide I'm just deathly afraid of the sun.
Everybody had to pay to get in for evening at the pool…even people that live there and have pool memberships and the guest passes that my mom gets for me and Brittany could not be used. So I walked over with Brittany and my nephew and forked over $14 for the three of us…..and got three blue tickets “for snacks” we were told. My mom had grabbed a table for us and we headed right over there to drop our stuff.
After about an hour in the pool, I took Brittany and Craig over to redeem our tickets – soda, pretzel, tastykakes. I thought it was pick one, but they said no, you get all three….so we each picked out a soda (Brittany got a juice) a kake and a pretzel. And then they handed the tickets back to me so we could all get popcorn when it was ready. I thought that was pretty cool πŸ™‚
Other than that, they did not provide any regular food but the desserts were free. If you wanted real food, you had to get your own…either bring it, get it from their snack bar or, do like we did, and call for it. My cousin called Domino’s around 8:00 and got 4 pizza’s for us all.
Me, Brittany and my nephew, Craig, in the pool.
They had a drawing for the raffle baskets at 9:00 and of the 15 baskets they had, we won four πŸ™‚ My mom won a “Bread Basket” with a bread machine (yes, a real bread machine!) in it, a couple boxes of bread mix and some other baking supplies. My cousin won a “Home Interior Basket” with lots of candles and other little home accents, a couple of interior design books and a gift certificate to Yankee Candle.
And I won two πŸ™‚
Well, I won one and Brittany won the other….I had given her some tickets to put in for the kiddie baskets. Hers has a nice little blue deck chair and 4 stuffed animals (including a TY teddy bear that I am totally going to steal when she’s not looking ;-), a bingo game and two free passes to the Please Touch Museum πŸ™‚
I won one of the three beauty baskets they had. Since mine was the first number they called I got to choose which one I wanted….so I picked the one filled with all kinds of salon products – Biolage Energizing Shampoo and Gelee (hair gel), Matrix Essentials Clarifying Shampoo and Amplify Volumizing Hair Spray, Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam and Color Protect Lockint Hair Spray, and a bottle of Catwalk Sexed-up Body Building Tonic. To be honest with you, I’m not even sure what to do with a few of these things – lol πŸ™‚ There was also a little “day-tripper” tote bag and a gift certificate for a free hair cut at the salon (yes, a real salon, not the Cuttery πŸ˜‰ around the corner from my parents house…..it expires on September 19th so I’m thinking I’ll go get a spiffy new cut before the trip to Vegas….not that there’s much to cut, but I’m not going to let the damn thing go bad πŸ˜‰
The party went on until 11 but Brittany and I left a little early. We got out of the pool around 9:30 and she got a couple of tattos and had her face painted and danced around with the bigger kids on the basketball court – they did have a DJ and it was funny as hell watching Brittany trying to dance in the water – she had her little water wings on and the vest she uses in the big pool so she can actually swim in something over 3 ft….she’ll come out in 10 ft. with me and my nephew with that thing on, she loves it. But anyway, she was trying to dance in the water and since she couldn’t touch the bottom, she would just kinda bob around like a cork – lol πŸ™‚
We did have one incident, of course. A litle after 8, Brittany was looking for her “friends” (two of my cousins kids) and I spotted them in the playground. So I took off her water wings and vest and let her go over the playground for a bit. About 15 minutes later, the pizza got there and went over to the fence (the kiddie pool and playground are in their own fenced in area) and called Brittany. I opened the gate for her and…Brittany cannot walk. Anywhere…it seems like she has to run to get everywhere. I was right behind her….and she headed right for the steps into the big pool. Before I could even get her name out, she was at the bottom of the steps trying to keep her head above the water. I reached in right away, pulled her out and carried her over to the table as she was sputtering and trying to tell me that she forgot she didn’t have her “floaty things on”…..thank god I was right there when she forgot. Of course, she wanted me to put them on her right away so she could go in the pool again…..nothing phases her.
Me and Brittany after her forgetfulness.....
Anyway, we left the pool side at 10:15 and walked across the street to my parents house….I got changed back into regular clothes and then brought the car back over to the pool to bring the baskets over to the house so they wouldn’t have to walk back with them.
Then we left. Got home about 10:45….quite late for Brittany. I stopped at 7-11 for a soda and when I pulled into the lot, I heard something come out of Brittany’s mouth that I have never heard and will probably never hear again.
“Mama……I’m tired.”
She slept until 10 after 9 this morning…..I probably would have enjoyed that if I wasn’t wide awake at 7:15 with all the lightening and thunder.
Ah, well……


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