What now….?

I keep thinking that today is Saturday. Not necessarily a bad thing. I’m off again for a few days – whoo-hoo! – so it’s neat, for a change, to realize that it is in fact not Saturday but you still have four days off 😀
At long last, I finally have my contacts. I had been putting off getting them for a while because I just didn’t have the bucks…..but I’ve really been getting sick of having to wear my glasses all the freakin’ time. So I bit the bullet and went in for my contacts.
They got them in on Friday – a trial pair – and I went to pick them up today….the eye doc wasn’t really all that happy with the way my right eye is – my eyes should be 20/20 with the contacts (she thinks – ha!) but they are only 20/40…..I’ve been told that I can never expect better than 20/40, so I’m happy with them the way they are. She wants to see me back there on Monday to see if they’ve “settled” any – if not, she will decide then whether to tweak the rx at all or just order my contacts.
I’m actually quite happy with the price…..the last time I got my contacts they were regular everyday wear contacts and they cost me nearly $400 – no tinting or any of that crap, just the toric lenses with my prescription. But considering all the chemicals and other crap I work with, I thought it’d be best if I get disposables this time…..and was expecting a huge bill. $150. That’s it! And my vision plan is gonna cover a big chunk of that When they told me that I almost jumped up and down!
So anyway, I’ve got my eyeballs back……it was great to walk out of the office and put on a pair of sunglasses 😉
I had dropped Brittany at my parents house before heading over to the eye doctor….when I was done, I went back to the house and we all – mom, dad, me, Brittany and my nephew – packed into my parents car and headed over to Storybook Land for the afternoon.
It was hot and muggy and there were way too many people there for a Wednesday afternoon but we all had a good time. Brittany went on every single ride about 4 times – lol 🙂 Of course, she had to drag my dad on the tilt-a-whirl Wacky Turtle….sorry, I just can’t stomach the spinning things :-p We took lots of pictures, I’m just waiting for my dad to e-mail them to me…….
Oh, and just in case everything disappears, I’m in the middle of switching over to pM…..not the best idea with a pretty good thunderstorm raging on the horizon, but I want to get it out of the way….so you’ll just have to bear with me 🙂


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