Dead Like Me

Is anyone else hooked on Dead Like Me? I simply cannot get enough of this show!
I remember seeing ads for the show before the first season started last year but never remembered when it was on….so towards the end of the season, I started watching them “OnDemand” (one thing about Comcast that I actually do like) and I’ve been watching them ever since…..gritting my teeth waiting for the second season to start.
Of course, as soon as the second season started (about a month ago), they took all the first season shows off the OnDemand menu and are replacing them with the new ones….I meant to tape all the first season shows, but didn’t think they would have taken them off so soon :-
As it is, I’m re-playing the second season shows whenever there’s nothing to watch….which seems to be pretty frequently and I’m sure now that the Olympics are on, I’ll be watching them alot for the next couple of weeks.
I’m just totally hooked…..Rube is just too cool and Mason completely cracks me up. George concerns me now and then, but I think she’s gradually coming around, understanding a little more at every turn. Daisy, I wasn’t too sure about when she first joined the team….she just seemed way too flaky for me to ever get into her character, but she’s also coming around a bit, fleshing out a little. And Roxy is just….Roxy. Took me about three shows to realize who she was 🙂
Anyway….my new crack. So If your wondering where I am at 10 on Sundays, that’s you answer 😉


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