Okay, so I’ve managed to do some significant damage to myself so far today…..not a good day without a bump or two, right?
I decided to take it “easy” on the last day of my five day weekend…..we had been running around all over the place but today, I just wanted to hang out around the house and get a few “little” things done. Then I got ambitious.
I thought it’d be a good day to get rid of one of the dressers in the bedroom, move in another computer desk and get rid of the crappy one I had been using. Doesn’t sound too hard, right? Yeah, well bear in mind that I’m doing it all myself…..
The dresser is one of those 6 drawer jobs….about 5 feet long, 3 feet high, you know what I mean. So I took all the drawers out and stacked them in the bathtub for now and started getting the dresser itself out of my room. I walked it down the hallway but couldn’t make the turn with it at the end of the hall. So I hoisted it up onto the bannister….the thing is really not all that heavy without the drawers, and it doesn’t have a solid bottom – probably only about 60 pounds or so – so this wasn’t such a big deal. I lifted it off the bannister and sat it down on the third step from the top.
And that’s when I lost it. It was actually sitting there fine, but as I situated myself to slide it down the steps, it decided that it wanted to the easy way and just roll the rest of the way down the steps….and I was fairly certain it was going to take me with it.

I grabbed the railing with one hand and reached out with the other to attempt to stop the dresser….and I did. With my entire arm. The dresser was tumbling end over end and my arm caught the bottom right about the elbow and the damn thing skittered all the way down to my finger tips before I finally caught a purchase point.

I couldn’t get a great picture but you can get a rough idea of the damage I did…..
After cleaning up my arm a bit and trying to figure out what the hell happened to my Neosporin this time, I then had the joyous task of dragging the big ass computer desk up the stairs. No major damage this time around….unless you count the paint I scraped off the bedroom door, but I don’t really care about that because I’ll be painting that shortly anyway.
My computer and all my stuff is transferred to the new desk and Reggie – whose home had been on top of the dresser – is now on the file cabinet next to the desk and appears to be settling in just fine……

…….won’t he be surprised later when I get the dresser drawers out of the tub and clean his tank……finally…..
Now I’m taking a little break, having a nice big drink of water and some fruit for lunch and then I’m going to clear all the excess off the old computer table and get rid of it. I know what you’re thinking but it’s a fold up table so it should be easy-peasy.
Should be.


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