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Bloody beatuiful night around here……that us right in the middle there. Philly’s gonna be a little soggy for a few days………..

Actually, I don’t really mind it right about now…..I love rainy nights as long as I get to sit inside and watch……..I had to drive home in that mess earlier though. At one point I couldn’t see a damn thing through my windshield and was only able to follow the brake lights of the guy in front of me……I realized too late that he was driving through about a foot of water that had accumulated under an overpass around the corner from Brittany’s school, but it’s not such a bad little car I have there and it made it through without a problem 🙂
Fortunately, I just caught the front end of the whole thing coming home and getting Brittany over to gymnastics class. Just as we got back here to the house is when the first really heavy cell came through….the one I believe caused a little bit of a funnel cloud (“unconfirmed tornado”) over in Cherry Hill.
Right now, I can’t see across the street for the sheets of rain coming down…..every time I walk into the bathroom, it sounds like the transem is about to be ripped off the roof!


I’m playing hookie today – I called work and told them that Brittany is sick……shhhh 😉
I actually do have something that I need to do today and it has to do with Brittany…….thing is if I wait for the next day I can legitimately take a day off to do it, it’ll be another 3 or 4 weeks and I’ve already put this off long enough. They’ll get over it.
I was actually going to send Brittany to school but I decided that she needed a day off, too… when I go to do what I have to do, she’s going to stay at my parents house. Shouldn’t take me too long anyway.
Gonna get ready to go now as a matter of fact 🙂


It’s too damn hot for this late in September……I should not break a sweat cleaning the kitchen when I’ve got the damn AC on! 80 degrees….pffft :-p and even though the pool was scheduled to be open every weekend in September, because it was cool last weekend, they decided then to skip the last weekend……today would have been a good pool day, yesterday would have been great – it was about 85 degrees sitting in my parents yard. Yes, 80-85 is hot to me – I know I would never survive in Vegas full time 😉
Ah well……it looks like Jeanne is gonna bring some cooler temps with her though, so I’m hoping we’ll be about normal by the end of the week. I’m impatiently waiting for the leaves to start changing in earnest……..

Rock on!

I’m still getting around to sending mail to everyone that I think would like to see the pictures from our trip to Vegas…..I sent them to John DeBella – since I won the trip from him – with a long e-mail about what a great time we had at the show and the events that followed. I also e-mailed Jacky, the woman that runs the Queen Fan Club…..but it seems she’s having problems with her e-mail so I’m not sure if she got it yet.

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I’m no fool…..

Stuck in my head tonight…..can’t imagine why………..

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Good night :-)

Brittany is spending the night at my parents house and I’m sitting here listening to Queen and playing Texas Hold’em….yeah, I have shit I should be doing but I don’t feel like it :-p

Get out!

If John Kerry wants to do something for me, he can visit Philadelphia and not screw with my commute home!!!!

All goddamn day they had Chestnut Street blocked between 33rd and 38th – all freakin’ day! It took me 1 full hour to get from 41st and Walnut to 34th and Market….that’s a total of nine blocks…..nine. It was almost 5 by the time I got to 30th and Market and the entrance to the expressway.
It wouldn’t be so bad if I could have gone around to University and gotten on but all the construction back there makes it miserable on a normal day and since Chestnut was closed at 38th, they were routing everyone down there towards University anyway so it still would have taken all night…..
And it was just one of those days when all I wanted to do was get home. I left work at 3:30….since I was stuck so long, I had to call my dad and ask him to get Brittany from school. I got to their house at 5:45……even when I stop to get Brittany, I’m at their house by 4:45.

Love :-)

After Ivan rolled through here, we wound up with a nice brisk day – it was just barely hitting 60 when I got out of here this morning…….so we just had to go somewhere and we hit Love Park for a change 🙂

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this better not be about Jesus…..

I have *got* to get back into going to church! I had been doing so well earlier in the year…..I was going to Mass every Sunday – and nice and early, too! – and Brittany would go to her Little Church School while we were in there…..but as soon as the LCS was done for the year, we just sort of fell off going to church at al :-
Well, I’m going today……Brittany stayed at my moms last night because we came right home Friday fearing the worst from Ivan. So she’s already up there, now I just have to get myself dressed and get up there……
Okay, lemme get going 🙂


I’ve been sitting here since I got up this morning waiting for the remnants of Ivan to blow through…..eveytime I think it’s starting to clear up enough for me to go out, another wave of heavy wind and rain comes through.
Yeah, I just want to get out of the house……only thing I really need to do today is get food for Reggie but I just want to get the hell out of here for a while………