It’s almost time 🙂
I’m getting quite anxious, actually… lunchtime yesterday, I realized that I hadn’t actually been in work at all since Wednesday. My body was there but my mind was already gone…..
I was going to e-mail the afternoon guy on MGK (the station I won the trip to Vegas from)….every day at 3, they play three songs from the same group/artist. So I was going to e-mail him and say “hey, how ’bout three from Queen on Friday cuz I’m leaving on Monday to go…..” But I didn’t….by the time I got home from my meeting, I got Brittany to bed and pretty much fell asleep myself.
Oddly enough, though….the 3 at 3 yesterday turned out to be three from Queen anyway 🙂 I called him up and said how perfect it was that they were doing that and told him that I’m leaving on Monday to go to Vegas to see the Queen show courtesy of the contest I won from them and he thought that was really cool. So I was on the radio……….again.
My mom got me a gift card to go get something to wear to the show, which I was sooooooo happy about…..I’m debating getting my nails done. I’d really like to but it can really be a waste with me because I have them make the nails really short – just a little more than 1/4 inch – and I usually wind up taking them off within a week. So, I’m going to have to see about that. I was going to get my hair done with the free cut I won at the pool party but then I decided that I’m kinda happy with the way my hair goes these days so I don’t want to fuck with it before an event.
So today, I need to get some clothes and possibly get my nails done…..have to do laundry, some for me but mostly to make sure Brittany has things to wear to school and all while she’s staying with my parents. Also have to go to wal-mart to get the last of Brittany’s school supplies. And I have a pool party to go to at John and Kim’s new house……
Does anyone see a long day ahead of me?


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