Dude :-)

This time tomorrow, I’ll already be in Vegas…..hopefully checked into our room and heading for the pool for a bit before wandering around.
Got the last of everything done already….went to K-mart and got the rest of Brittany’s things for school and my black jeans finally. I did some laundry at my parents house yesterday before going to John’s (because my washer still sucks) and finished that up this morning before going to the store. So Brittany is all set for clothes and her school supplies and I’ve got a nifty litte punky outfit set out for her to wear for her first day of pre-k 🙂 Yeah, I know I’m not gonna be here for that but my mom has explicit instructions to take lots of pictures and my dad is gonna go down with the video camera, too.
Yesterday, I went and used up my entire gift card….I got a light pink poncho (in color and weight) to wear to the show with my flared black pants and slashed black shirt. I got myself a new watch, a t-shirt with pink and black dice on it that says “Vegas” – how appropriate – and two pairs of shoes….one pair of coverse extra high tops, black with pink laces and a pair of boots (yes, with heels) that are also black with pink laces….those are to wear to the show. While the converse are hot pink, the others are a light pink that matches the poncho and my bustier handbag perfectly 😉

I don’t know what it is with the black and pink lately…..I mean I really detest pink, but pair it with black and it suddenly doesn’t seem so evil. You know I’m much more of a purple and black kinda chick but I’m really diggin’ the pink and black this year…..even the damn watch I got it black leather with pink stars embedded in the band…..christ, I bought a black and pink bra about two weeks ago! So no, I have not completely lost my mind and gone over to the pink side……it’s just an accent color, dammit!
Shoes...?  Oh, we got shoes!!!
I say this all the time, but I would love to know why my phone cam takes such grainy pictures in this house….anywhere else they are clear as a bell…..probably all the layers of lead paint in this place :-p
Anyway, so now I’m done all my running, Brittany is all set at my parents house and already out and about with my mom for the afternoon and I’m going to get to packing. I’m only bringing one bag this time….no really, I can do that, I’m a great packer 😉 Clothes, shoes and toiletries all in one bag. I’m not even planning on bring much of a carry on…..I was going to go down to work and get my CD-Man so I could listen to something on the plane but I don’t feel much like it so screw it. I’m briging a journal with me and the Michael Connelly book I got two weeks ago. Yeah, I’ve been reading it, but I’m trying to take my time about it because I specifically bought it to take on the plane. Last year when I went to Vegas, I brought City of Bones with me so it seemed fitting to read the new one this year 🙂
But yeah, that’s pretty much it……got some crickets for Reggie before coming home. I wanted to get a couple of pinkies, too, but they were out so I just got the crickets and put them in the critter keeper to chow for a while. When I’m getting ready to walk out the door, I’ll toss them into Reggie’s cage and he should be good till I get back.
Dude, I’m going to Vegas!
And who knows….you just might see my story on CSI one day 😉


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