Rock on!

I’m still getting around to sending mail to everyone that I think would like to see the pictures from our trip to Vegas…..I sent them to John DeBella – since I won the trip from him – with a long e-mail about what a great time we had at the show and the events that followed. I also e-mailed Jacky, the woman that runs the Queen Fan Club…..but it seems she’s having problems with her e-mail so I’m not sure if she got it yet.

On Friday night, I sent another message to Brian May with the pictures and the story. A few minutes later, I got a message back….in my haste, I got all excited and thought it was from Brian himself (so if I told you that, I’m sorry…you know who you are 😉 but it helps to read the whole thing before turning into a space cadet.
It was actually from his website administrator letting me know that she was forwarding the message on to Brian and asking my permission to use some of the pictures on his website. I said absolutely they can – of course they can!! – and that I would get the full size pictures together since I had resized them all to save space and not overload e-mail boxes too much……
This morning, when I got up, I found an e-mail from Brian himself!!! Saying thank you for the pictures and sharing the story…oh, and “Rock on!” 🙂
Just when I think that I’m getting my head back on after this whole thing, it pops right off again!


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