Bloody beatuiful night around here……that us right in the middle there. Philly’s gonna be a little soggy for a few days………..

Actually, I don’t really mind it right about now…..I love rainy nights as long as I get to sit inside and watch……..I had to drive home in that mess earlier though. At one point I couldn’t see a damn thing through my windshield and was only able to follow the brake lights of the guy in front of me……I realized too late that he was driving through about a foot of water that had accumulated under an overpass around the corner from Brittany’s school, but it’s not such a bad little car I have there and it made it through without a problem šŸ™‚
Fortunately, I just caught the front end of the whole thing coming home and getting Brittany over to gymnastics class. Just as we got back here to the house is when the first really heavy cell came through….the one I believe caused a little bit of a funnel cloud (“unconfirmed tornado”) over in Cherry Hill.
Right now, I can’t see across the street for the sheets of rain coming down…..every time I walk into the bathroom, it sounds like the transem is about to be ripped off the roof!


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